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Custom listing: 2 snake wall sconces, with the back round 5 inch diameter

Custom listing: 2 snake wall sconces, with the back round 5 inch diameter

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To be produced: 2 snake wall sconces.

The listing price is given for a set of 2 wall sconces.



A wall lamp can be not a usual lamp but a masterpiece which can decorate your home and outlines the features of your home interior/exterior. Here is a hand forged wall sconce, hand made, in a view of a torch with a snake. It is fixed to a wall. You will not find anything similar to it. It is very decorative! It can serve as a lantern for your porch (under a roof) or entryway lamp or inside house lamp. A wood has a nice surface structure (small waves structure). This lantern with snakes creates a medieval atmosphere!

The sturdy wooden handle (made with effect of aging) with a snake on top brings you back to the old medieval times. Such kind of a torch was used by Vikings to light up their caves. It is a unique addition to your medieval style of interior/exterior!

Sizes of a lamp:
height - 54 cm (21.27"),

Colour: metal - black with copper, gold, some violet, wood - brown.

There is an electricity cable without a plug. E26/E27 bulb socket, no bulb goes.

A nice present for a wedding anniversaries (5th - wooden, 6th - iron, 11th - steel), birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day and for many other gifting occasions! It might be the best functional piece of art and decoration in your home! It is a good addition to a viking style interior of a house!

It can be without wires to be done as a wall candle holder. You can order it as a candle holder by putting a customization info in a line "Note to seller" while checking out.

The way how it was created: we combine traditional blacksmith techniques, perfected over hundreds of years of experimentation and development , with modern forms and methods to produce beautifully distinct pieces of functional art. Each piece is forged at extremely high temperature and hammered by hand. Pliable when glowing hot, the iron is shaped into graceful, flowing forms. In our world of high technology, there is a distinct place for organic forms and hand-wrought metal design elements.


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