About Us

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrey. I produce unique hand forged things which decorate any house. All the items are produced in Ukraine. Everything is handmade what takes a lot of time to create. I create a design of all my items personally. For such a big quantity of differently designed decorations an inspiration is needed. I draw my inspiration from the nature (forests, fields, rivers, lakes ... ) creating both art and functional works utilizing trees, birds, bugs, flowers and more.

I always choose the designs and ideas that I could use at my own home and surrounding landscape.
I put my soul into the work, so sure that they not only can become exquisite decoration and talisman of your home, and perfectly suited as a gift for dear and close friends and relatives. I hope that the items in my shop will give you much more ideas how to decorate your home further, it will give you a fresh look from this point.

Thank you very much and I look forward to serving you.

II have a wildly successful Etsy shop with almost 7,000 sales. Here you can see it.