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Mace, decorative mace, medieval weapon, iron gift, gift for men

Mace, decorative mace, medieval weapon, iron gift, gift for men

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HAND FORGED MACE The decorative replica of the famous medieval mace. Looking for an unusual hand crafted mace? Here it is! Here is a hand forged mace made of steel. Sizes of the mace: overall length: 95 cm (37.42"), length of a mace head 16 cm (6.3"). Color: not painted, just lacquered. Not for a real fighting. It is a decor item. It consists of two parts (mace head and mace handle) in order not to be treated as a weapon or a weapon-like item. It has a nice engraving of golden color along a handle. A nice present for a wedding anniversaries (6th, 11th), birthday, Father's Day and for many other gifting occasions! It might be the best decoration in your home! IMPORTANT CONDITIONS In order to facilitate export customs clearance of a mace you will receive it in two parcels since I need to separate a mace handle from a mace head. You will just need to connect a handle with a mace head (a handle has a screw to connect two pieces). Add charm to your house with one of these cute crafts! It is not a real mace, it is a decoration item, that can be destroyed if you use it not as a decor item. Please do not ask for a real mace since I deal only with a decor items. Any customization/personalization you need is possible. You can weld a place of assembling, if any, to have a solid mace, if needed.

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