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Custom listing for Susan: 6 garden lanterns with a customized base

Custom listing for Susan: 6 garden lanterns with a customized base

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A garden lantern can be not a usual lantern but a masterpiece which can decorate your home and outlines the features of your home interior/exterior. Here is a hand forged garden lantern done in the technique of artistic forging in a view of two mushrooms (with some autumn leaves, fir needles on the top of mushrooms and on the bottom). 

Sizes of a lamp:
The height should be 20-22 inches from the ground to its top.

Colour: metal - black with some bronze/copper/silver/gold patina.

There is an electricity cable without a plug.

So, the price will be:
650 USD x 6 pcs = 3900 USD
discount 7.5% = 292.5 USD
Total with a doscount = 3607.5 USD incl shipping cost and wiring.

Price excludes 12V LED lamps (we need to clarify this option in process of making).

Shipping conditions: it can be disassembled for the shipping purposes to fit the max allowed sizes of a shipping agent. 

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