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Custom listing for William: 2 metal sticks with rotating rings

Custom listing for William: 2 metal sticks with rotating rings

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to be produced: 2 metal sticks with rotating rings - as per the listing photo (as closer to the listing photo as possible bit not 100% copy).

Material: Carbon Steel
Length: 25.5cm
Diameter: 2.5cm
Ring Diameter: 2.6cm or Smaller
Inscription: to be advised

the ring attachment is not at the center of the stick.
This is for grappling techniques, I think the best place for that is at
the 4.5" point of the 10" in total length, or 4 1/4, so to have enough
length to these move fluidly.

one to be black without paint, or as close as you can get it to the contrast color - not guaranteed but will be tried to achive in process of making.

Finishing: with lacquering. Not shined in the dark.

The lasering of the runes will be deep enough to last for a couple of generation.

The spikes on both ends of a stick will be rounded up.

The rings to be rotated on sticks.

Price for a set of 2 pcs: 300 USD incl shipping cost.

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