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Custom listing for Cory (part 1): stainless steel trident, length 6’3”

Custom listing for Cory (part 1): stainless steel trident, length 6’3”

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To be produced a hand forged trident as per the listing photos (with some possible deviations due to hand work).

overall length: 6’3”

Pipe of the handle (hollow inside): 3 cm diameter (1.18")

A handle is hollow.

Material: stainless steel, not painted, not lacquered, it will never rust.

The spikes of the trident head are blunt/dull.

A general full look of the trident has been drawn and attached in the listing photos.

Colors may vary slightly from screen to screen. There might be slight differences in sizes since each piece is hand made. The surface can have some unevenesses due to hand forging.

Total price is 420 Euro which is paid in 2 parts (210 Euro and 210 Euro) and both parts should be paid prior shipping.

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Stainless steel trident, steel gift, 11th anniversary, trident, cosplay weapon, birthday gift, coastal decor, mermaid, Poseidon, Neptune

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