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Custom listing for Arthur (part 1): 3 garden lamps

Custom listing for Arthur (part 1): 3 garden lamps

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To be produced: 3 garden lamps in a view of snowdrops.

1. Große Lampe mit 3 Blüten, Höhe 1,5 Meter (it will consists of 4 parts for shipping purposes)
375 USD
2. Mittlere Lampe mit 2 Blüten, Höhe 86 cm (it will consists of 3 parts for shipping purposes)
266 USD
3. Kleine Lampe mit 1 Blüte, Höhe 65 cm
180 USD

Total: 821 USD incl shippig cost
Discount 10%: 82.1 USD

Total with a discount: 738.9 USD incl shipping cost

Payment: by two equal parts.

Colour: black covered with some copper.

There is an electricity cable which is put inside the pipes (so, cable is not visible). I include to the lamp a metal bar on screws which is used for cementing a lamp.
The lamp is waterproof and is done for external use.

I can send it to any country.

The way how it was created: we combine traditional blacksmith techniques, perfected over hundreds of years of experimentation and development , with modern forms and methods to produce beautifully distinct pieces of functional art. Each piece is forged at extremely high temperature and hammered by hand. Pliable when glowing hot, the iron is shaped into graceful, flowing forms. In our world of high technology, there is a distinct place for organic forms and hand-wrought metal design elements.

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