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Metal shoe horn: care can be cool & stylish

We have always tried to make things that are not only beautiful but also useful, slowly brass shoe horns appeared in the collection of our products. Over time there were more of them, so we decided to create a separate catalog for them on our website.

We present to your attention the category of shoe accessories, such things will allow you to take care of your shoes. Among them, our store offers to buy shoehorns. For a modern person, acquiring such an accessory is not difficult. We think that many have encountered problems such as a spoiled backdrop in their favorite shoes, etc. 

It was created to prevent this situation. An important role in the invention of this accessory was played by time, which made it possible to save the use of a shoe back. After all, a person could put on shoes much faster with a horn than without it.

Over time, the shoehorn became a style item, and its appearance carried information about the owner's tastes. That is why today there are many types of shoe accessories. This is a shovel made of wood, metal, with precious and semi-precious stones and other materials that certainly adorned this accessory. It was no longer just a horn for shoes, which can only be bought by rich people with exquisite taste, as often, these are exclusive works and often even pieces of art.

What is a long handled metal shoe horn

A shoehorn is the oldest device for putting on shoes with an extended lower part that repeats the shape of the heel. The shapes and sizes of shoe horns are endless. We decided to improve them and make them more convenient to use.

Distinctive features of our horns are unique design, durability, and size. We pay special attention to the design of our products since the shoehorn in our design is not just a tool for putting on shoes, but also a kind of decor that will not go unnoticed in your hallway. The metal from which the horns are made is iron, bronze, and metal. 

The thickness of the metal shoehorns does not allow the horn to bend and deform. Each horn comes with a decorative brass wall mount or a special stand, depending on the model. Almost all horns in our design are 40-60 cm long, which allows you to put on shoes, practically without bending over.

Metal shoe horns for sale

On the Internet, you can often find another name for this shoe accessory. At the same time, a shoehorn, and a horn are all one and the same product. You can often find both short and long, both almost even and curved shoehorns. They are different because it all depends on the convenience, complexity of manufacture, and use of the accessory.

Therefore, a short shoehorn is bought by people who have low backs, long metal shoe horn is bought by people who have many boots and sneakers. Basically, people try to buy a shoehorn that is medium in length for versatility. You can take such a horn with you, and it's not a shame to hang it at home in the living room.

Steel shoe horns are very popular. The durability of such an accessory will allow you to forget about purchasing a new one for many years. In addition, if you buy a metal shoehorn in our store, you get a high-quality, durable, quite stylish, and exclusive product of various variations in colors and designs. 

You can buy a shoehorn directly on the website of our store by placing an order or contact us by using the “chat with us” button on the website. Communication with our staff will leave a pleasant trace in your memory because we try to take into account all the wishes of our clients. 

And if our buyer has a desire to buy a good product, but he knows little about it, then with the help of our professional assistance he will be able to buy a shoehorn of one of the best designs, which is most suitable for all the client's requests. Our shoehorn will not oxidize over time as it does with protective materials.

Thus, we told as much as possible about all the qualities of this accessory. If you have any questions or you saw a shoehorn that you want to create, then contact us through the “chat with us” button and all your questions regarding the purchase of goods and other things will not go unnoticed.