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How can forged flowers & metal flowers create a unique atmosphere at home

Forged flowers are an incredible combination of the beauty of nature and cold metal for decorating exclusive interior items of your home. Such pieces of art definitely will bring sophistication, modernity, harmony, tenderness, and attractiveness.

Since ancient times, blacksmiths have mastered the techniques of free forging. Without the forging of leaves and flowers, blacksmiths could not imagine the manufacture of a single product of that era. Decorations in the form of picturesque roses, leaves of wild plants were forged with love and great skill by the blacksmiths of the past.

With the passage of time and the development of science and technology, artistic forging also received a breakthrough for development. The variety of forged products is striking, ranging from candlesticks, various shelves, figurines, and ending with forged furniture, gates, fences.

The description of components for these metal flowers, photos can be found on our website. As many centuries ago, flowers fascinated a person, so they fascinate us now. In the future, an important role is also assigned to this gentle, sweet, and divine creature like a flower. Warm human souls for him for many centuries to come.

Hand forging and stamping in steel, copper, iron, and bronze flowers

Metalflooristics is a sophisticated trend in the use of artistic forging, perfectly reflecting the craftsmanship of handicraft.

Forged flowers, made by hand, are examples of exclusive forging that adorn any interior of an apartment or a country house. You can give a forged rose to a friend or bring home to your wife a whole forged vase of flowers. 

Such flowers are also used in home interiors, for example, two forged roses played the role of protective glass holders for a huge TV. Often, arches in the form of pergolas are made from forged trees, or they simply decorate the walls of houses or premises, creating a unique, expensive type of dwelling.

Flowers can be selected by their meanings. For example, a lily is a symbol of tender feelings, respect, admiration, nobility. Rose is a symbol of beauty, femininity, passion. Whichever flower you choose to decorate your home, plot, furniture, you can be sure that it will be a work of art, an exclusive element, and a highlight.

The variety of the use of forged flowers

If we talk about forged elements, today, then the range of their use is quite wide. For example, you can decorate such part of interior/exterior item with flower-like:

  • gates; 
  • fences;
  • flower pots;
  • furniture, and much more.

Forged flower motifs are classics of artistic forging, which goes back into centuries and is very relevant today. Forged flowers are applicable in completely different styles of room decoration.

The Gothic style, which is most often used in the design of cafes, country clubs, and high-end restaurants, involves the traditional use of images of roses, shamrocks, and clovers.

The pretentiousness and elegance of lily flowers are a great idea for using forging in a room that is decorated in a modern minimalist style.

To make a rich wrought-iron fence that will reliably protect a chic country mansion, the Baroque style is perfect. The delicate interweaving of curved stems, well-thought-out leaves, and beautiful flowers will transform your home fence into a work of art. At the same time, the function of protecting the private territory will be fully observed.

Today, forged compositions or individual forged flowers are also becoming fashionable, which do not carry any functional load but are designed to simply decorate the interior. Such a forged rose can be placed, for example, in the living room near the fireplace. A large wrought-iron palm tree will perfectly decorate the garden.

We know that sometimes you need something unusual and at the same time fabulous: you are in the right place! 

To achieve your goal take just a few steps: 

  • decide which color do you prefer more copper colored flowers or bronze colored flowers; 
  • add suitable elements; 
  • and choose the sketch of the desired bouquet.

The price largely depends on the complexity of the work, material, production time. Ancient traditions combined with modern technologies work wonders. Each flower delights in the perfection of execution. Graceful inflorescences can make up a whole composition - it is tempting to make a wrought iron flower arrangement for the house. 

Such a bouquet will always delight with its pristine beauty, and the interior will never lose its elegance and expressiveness. If you have any difficulties with choosing, please contact our specialists by using the “chat with us” button. They will assist you and help you choose the most suitable option in terms of size, shape, and value for money.