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Forged door handles: types and particular qualities

Forged door handles and drawer pulls are popular due to their strength, durability, and attractive appearance. Forged products undergo special processing, they are not afraid of the vagaries of nature - rain, snow, wind, summer heat.

Even after several years of continuous usage, the products retain their original shine, beauty, and aesthetic appearance. Forged fittings are used on street gates, entrances, and interior door leaves.

Forged door handles are coated with a polymer coating. The surface becomes soft and smooth to the touch. Forged metal in the hands of a skilled craftsman easily takes any shape. Forging makes any product chic.

Manufacturing material of drawer knobs and door pull

The wrought iron door handles are durable and will not deform over time. This is a practical and budget option. The brass alloy chosen as the material of manufacture will give the handle excellent aesthetic characteristics and comfort of use.

The copper drawer knobs and door pull are ideal for antique interiors. Copper options are chosen for interior doors since they are too light for entrance doors.

Advantages of iron door handles

The door handle is mainly used for opening and closing, making these processes more convenient. Also, such fittings bear an aesthetic load, allowing the design of the entrance group to be harmonized with the interior and exterior of the house.

It is also important that the correct ratio of door and handle size parameters are observed. The latter should be visible, but not cumbersome.

In production, the metal is processed with a special compound, which ensures the strength and durability of the product. Such material is no longer afraid of adverse weather conditions (when it comes to door handles) and frequent use. The outer coating makes the product smooth and pleasant to the touch. 

Metal lends itself easily to melting, so the most unique and original handle can be made to order, which will bring aesthetic pleasure for a long time, ideally complementing any interior solution. The susceptibility of metal to staining allows, not only to make the handle in black but also to stylize it in bronze or silver.

Copper door knobs and door handles

Every detail of the copper door handles is made by hand; the handles themselves have an original and comfortable shape.

At the request of the customer, it is possible to make engraving on the cover of the door handle. We accept orders of any complexity and embody the most daring ideas!

Such door handles are not only convenient and practical; they will decorate and accentuate your interior, create the necessary atmosphere and pleasant associations. You can also order other items made of copper, bronze, and metal to complement your interior and highlight the style in it.

How to choose steel door handles and pull handles?

When choosing fittings, first of all, it is worth considering their purpose. The forged handle on the gate must be durable, resistant to temperature extremes, mechanical damage, high humidity, and ultraviolet radiation.

Steel door handles on the front door, first of all, must be strong and durable, covered with resistant enamel, resistant to abrasion.

Interior fittings are selected for the interior. They take into account the style of the room, color scheme, furniture design. Combined products that combine forged elements with a natural wood look beautiful. Metal door handles and drawer pulls fit perfectly into loft, classic, retro, etc. 

For country style, Provence, models of wrought iron drawer pulls are suitable. On our site are presented door mechanisms, the quality of which is confirmed by tons of customer reviews. We give a long-term guarantee for all manufactured products.

Antique bronze and copper door knobs look exquisite, similar to an elongated feather with an imitation of fine fibers. Stylized under the Gothic style, looks sophisticated. Mythical characters, snakes look mysterious, give a special charm to the door.

Vintage copper door knobs with elements of forging in the old style will perfectly fit into the classic and retro style. They are perfectly combined with candlesticks, antique chandeliers.