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Forged wedding gift: a lasting reminder of your love

Are you looking for an extraordinary gift for a couple in love who has been invited to a wedding? Pay attention to the forged wedding gift. These are not trivial photo albums, toys, tableware, or other little things. Craftsmen who create unique forged products from metal make delightful masterpieces that will become an excellent gift for any occasion. A forged wedding gift will make your holiday experience unforgettable. A metal product will not leave anyone indifferent.

In our catalog, we collected products that were created by me, also some of them were made as an individual order. If you want to create something new, just fill out the form on the website and, if possible, provide a sketch of the desired product.

You can choose the dimensions and purpose of the metal wedding gift yourself, depending on the cost and your own preferences. Of course, the larger the size of the souvenir, the higher its price will be, but do not forget that the effect of such a gift will be greater. Bottle holders, candlesticks, photo frames, and much more - are all possible options for forged souvenirs.

Metal wedding decor: 2-in-1 as a gift and interior decoration

You can make a forged souvenir using an idea close to the future owner. What does your friend like? Music? Some kind of animal?

The possibilities of artistic forging are unlimited when choosing a plot. Just think about what you would like to do, draw it if possible and an experienced craftsman will bring your idea to life. Such a gift is practically equated to one made with your own hand because a handicraft combined with your idea will undoubtedly delight the owner of such a souvenir.

However, forged products are not always purchased for gifts, because you want to fill your interior, creating coziness. Forged frames, coasters, plant holders, clocks, and statuettes will decorate the home. Whatever the design of your interior, forged products will be combined with almost any setting. This very moment will allow you to be sure that the souvenirs you presented will find their place in the homes of your friends.

Please yourself and your loved ones with wonderful forged souvenirs that can remind your friend about you every day.