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The 7 year wedding anniversary copper gift

This holiday has a gorgeous tradition. The spouses hang a large horseshoe over the threshold of the house. It can be real or decorative, but not necessarily made of copper, you can take a horseshoe made of brass or wood. 

Such a horseshoe will be a real talisman for the family because according to the ancient belief, it "removes" all negativity from the incoming people, at the same time collecting in itself only goodness.

Of course, our relationship depends only on us, but sometimes you should observe and think about why people choose copper as a symbol for this period of marriage.

On the one hand, they are like copper - plastic, soft, easily taking any chosen shape. Do not forget about the healing properties of this metal - it easily copes with the task of regulating metabolic processes in the body and stabilizes the soul. On the other hand, they are like wool - warm, pleasant, cozy, but occasionally still prickly.

Psychologists think that family rituals help strengthen family ties. It could be something as simple as Sunday morning pancakes, summer outdoor walks, or even just a kiss before leaving for work.

Also, we know how it’s important to choose the best solution and sometimes you need more time to make decisions: for this case, you can read the customer reviews below and take your time for thinking before order.

In our store, you can always buy personalised copper anniversary gifts at a fair price.

Copper 7th wedding anniversary gifts for him

Choosing the right gift for hubby for the anniversary is not so difficult but still, quite challenging. For the gift to be more suitable for the name of the wedding, it should have either copper elements. 

Our TOP 7th year wedding anniversary copper gift for husband according to our order history, all these items can be made from copper:

  • a belt with a copper buckle;
  • goblet of wine;
  • ashtray;
  • mug;
  • a set of collectible coins;
  • a bowler hat for a fisherman;
  • a hammer;
  • lighter or pen;
  • cup holders for tea.

A gift to your beloved hubby for such an occasion should be presented solemnly, with wishes of happiness, long years of joint marriage. The main thing is to pay attention to this important date, remind you of your spectacular wedding day.

7th-year wedding anniversary gift for her

Sometimes man forgets important dates, not for the purpose. That's why the husband should think in advance what to give his beloved wife as a copper wedding anniversary gifts. For 7 years of marriage, habits, and preferences have already been studied, so for the anniversary, you can pick up something interesting, suitable for the character, hobbies of the wife.

In ancient times, a husband and wife exchanged a handful of copper in the morning so that prosperity would come to the house, thanks to God such traditions are not relevant nowadays, people preferring more material values.

We collect a list of 7th year wedding anniversary copper gifts for wife, all these items can be made from copper:

  • Turk for cooking a fragrant coffee;
  • fruit dishes;
  • photo frame;
  • cutlery
  • love letter
  • tray, candlestick;
  • a jewelry box made from copper.

7th year wedding anniversary traditional gift if you invited as a quest

If your friends or family are celebrating their 7th birthday, try to surprise them with a gift that matches its name. However, in this way you can present absolutely any small gift. On this day, we try to give not separate gifts, but something for the whole family or the gifts should be paired.

The most common souvenirs for a 7th year wedding anniversary gifts for him/her are a different variety of horseshoe. It can be copper, ceramic, wood, tin, the main thing is to present it with wishes of happiness, prosperity, love. In addition to any gift, you should buy a horseshoe magnet or a souvenir with leather lace.

We collect the ideas for a copper wedding anniversary presentation according to our customers:

  • forged candlestick with 7 candles according to the number of years of marriage;
  • coffee kit;
  • paired pendants or charms with unique engraving;
  • cutlery;
  • anniversary medal;
  • engraved plaque;
  • love letters;
  • sword;
  • wine holder;
  • the wall-painting;
  • cool mugs.

If you decide to take a shot with a piece of jewelry, we advise you to pay attention to malachite - this stone contains a large percentage of copper, and at the same time it is very beautiful. Caskets, jewelry sets, vases, malachite figurines will please your soulmate. You can give your husband a malachite ashtray, a woolen product, a belt with a copper buckle, and so on.

Metal does not break or tear, it is remelted. Likewise, the relationship must change by melting into a more lasting union. After several years, copper will become silver, then gold, and even later - diamond.