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The most desired gift for a man is a weapon. Initially, it was used for protection from wild animals, for hunting. This is probably why all men, without exception, have a love for cold weapons in their blood, because from time immemorial they were the main earners and protectors. Meanwhile, the weapon of the past not only does not go into oblivion but on the contrary, remains at the peak of popularity among lovers of aesthetics, only now it is called a souvenir weapon. It can be considered the perfect man's gift.

Our forged decorative axe and knife are certified and of the highest quality. In the catalog on the website, you will find a wide selection of gift weapons and souvenir-edged weapons, which will be an excellent gift for your manager, boss, friend, colleague.

Wrought Decorative Knife

The knife, a melee weapon with a two-sided blade, is used in close combat or for throwing. A souvenir knife as a gift for a man is one of the most unusual surprises, a symbol of freedom of spirit and strong-willed nature. These are real men today - successful, independent, freedom-loving.

If you present as a souvenir our forged decorative knife to a successful person who is fond of collecting or often on business trips, he will appreciate such a gift. According to psychologists, a knife and any other Caucasian or Scandinavian antique weapons will appeal to energetic single-minded people who defend their opinions and strive to be leaders.

Wrought Decorative Axe

Our products are rare and differ from other products and the reasons are:

  • exclusively handmade by professional blacksmiths;
  • impressive decoration in the style of Scandinavian or Caucasian historical design;
  • high strength, due to the manufacture of a metal part from high-quality steel, wear-resistance, and elasticity

Another feature of the exclusive axes and hammers offered by the store is their functionality.

Any of the axes can be used not only as a valuable piece of the collection but also as a reliable and useful tool when hunting, hiking, chopping wood, etc.

Our wrought ax can not only decorate the interior of an office, living room but also become a useful tool, a means of self-defense.

All products are provided with a 100% guarantee, so you can be sure of the quality of the purchased ax. You can choose the method of payment and delivery yourself from the options provided by our company. You can find out more about the purchasing procedure in the section "Payment and delivery".