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Custom listing for Mike: 2 pairs of medieval electric torches (wall sconces)

Custom listing for Mike: 2 pairs of medieval electric torches (wall sconces)

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To be produced: 2 pairs of medieval electric torches (wall sconces)



A torch can be not a usual lamp but a masterpiece which can decorate your home and outlines the features of your home interior/exterior. Here is a set of 2 hand forged wall sconces. They are done in the technique of the artistic forging. You will not find anything similar to it. They are very decorative! They can serve also as a candle holder. These torches create a medieval atmosphere of old viking times!

These torch bring you back to the old medieval times. Such kind of a torch was used by Vikings to light up their caves, later on - in their castles. It is a unique addition to your Viking home design!

Sizes of one pair of wall sconces:
- height 64 cm (25.21")
- diameter of a crown 14 cm (5.51")
- height of a crown 18 cm (7.09")

Sizes of the 2nd pair of wall sconces:
- height 33"
- diameter of a crown 8"
- height of a crown 10"

Colour of metal: black with bronze patina.

There is a wire without a plug, E26/E27 bulb socket.

The listing price is given for a set of 4 wall sconces.

Price: 945 USD + 1150 USD = 2095 USD incl shipping cost.

Price with 10% discountL 1885.5 USD incl shipping cost.


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