Collection: Wooden Caskets and Trunks: Add Some Wooden Charm To Your Home

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Wooden caskets are beautiful and truly versatile. The quality of our workmanship, practicality and the design of the trunks will not leave you indifferent. It looks equally good both in the interior of the house and in the office, cafe, restaurant, hotel.

You can fill niches in dressing rooms, pantries, in the kitchen, in the bathroom with such wooden trunks for storing various items. Combines well with shavings and a couple of dusty bottles of wine.

Benefits Of Using Wooden Storage Trunk

The charm and practicality of wooden boxes are that over time they only get better - scratches, abrasions, chips give wood products an additional charm. If you decide to radically change the style of your room, you can always repaint or decorate your wooden box. 

In addition, the wooden trunks have many advantages, such as:

  • Strength. The walls of the product can withstand even the strongest impacts.
  • Environmental friendliness. Wood is a natural material. Upon contact with food, it does not transfer its properties to them and does not harm their freshness.
  • Convenience. The standardization of the dimensions of the products enables easy storage.
  • Ease. Compared to its metal counterpart, the wood box is much lighter.
  • Long-term use. Containers can be used many times. Even after it has served its intended purpose, you can breathe a "second life" into it, using it in design.

To prevent the development of microorganisms and insects that may be in the wood, products are phytosanitary treatment. In the process of this processing, wooden trunks are dried, exposed to high temperatures, and a solution of methyl bromide. Only after that the caskets are marked and can be safely used for any purpose.

Where You Can Buy A Wood Storage Chest

We produce quality, beautiful wooden storage chests, and trunks. The purpose of our products can be varied - from decorative use as interior decoration, flower pots to direct use as boxes for storage and transportation.

High-quality workmanship allows you to use our products as pieces of furniture to form a stylish interior for a cafe, restaurant, grocery store, toy store, kindergartens, children's recreation, and entertainment areas.

If you still have additional questions on how to use or buy a decorative box for your home - call us or use the “Chat with us” button. Our managers will be happy to pick up the model you need and advise you on how to choose the right wooden chest.