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Forged trident for interior decoration: turn your home into a cozy fortress

Iron trident is a unique gift that is created by the master who managed to forge a real work of art from metal. Such an item looks original and attractive. It can bring new emotions and feelings to its owner. In our online store, you can choose the most suitable product for upcoming occasions. Please note that we can create the trident according to your sketch - just contact us via the “chat-with-us” button.

Such decor items as trident can be safely attributed to the category of gifts that will be relevant for any celebration and occasion. At the same time, it does not matter at all for whom the surprise is intended, as it will be appreciated by both women and men, for whom the interior of the house is of great importance.

Our tridents are made of metal, hand-processed by blacksmiths, who managed to achieve not only an original shape but also create truly functional products, have a special style and own soul.

We are proud to present the works of craftsmen who can give metal almost any shape while maintaining the main advantage - uniqueness! That's right, you heard right, each trident steel is a product in the singular since it is impossible to repeat unique patterns or fragments that are completely done by hand.

Trident steel & iron trident: the most unique decor elements

These are truly stylish products that can harmoniously fit into the existing interior and set the tone for the entire interior space. Forged in a fire trident can be safely called a VIP gift that can touch the heart, even the most sophisticated heroes of the occasion.

Forged tridents, ideal for both home and office decoration, will attract attention in the country house and become a pride for the owner. They do not break and do not require special care, and the appearance with such a gift at a holiday will become the "highlight of the program".

So, meet unique tridents, they can be decorated with all possible details which you choose and much more. All products are made of metal and covered with a special paint, which gives the metal a bronze sheen, which the owners of jewelry in medieval castles were proud of.

The acquired metal decor items will decorate your home for decades, and then they will be inherited by future generations. All products have a warranty, also our trident 100% handmade. Everything we produce has its own history, soul, and characters. We believe that such items can change the whole aura in the room or entire house.