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La vie en rose: 10th wedding anniversary gift

The first truly serious wedding anniversary is the decade of the wedding. This day is often celebrated on a larger scale than earlier anniversaries - they invite not only relatives, but also close friends, and even colleagues at work, to celebrate the first solid line of marriage. Just imagine, a decade together is 3650 days, during which you got to know each other, discovered new facets, and learned to “work in a team”.

The ten years of marriage together is called a tin or rose wedding. It is a whole era in the life of two halves: during this time people become relatives to each other, create a full-fledged family, experience many memories, joys, troubles. And it’s so important to celebrate this day according to ancient tradition to bring more joy in your marriage, that is why it is necessary to prepare proper 10 year tin wedding anniversary gifts. 

Our catalog contains gifts for any occasion. If necessary, you can always contact our managers - they will help you choose what to present to a wife, husband, parents, teacher or a lawyer, friend. We make unusual gifts for a wedding, or birthday and any other events in the life of your family and friends.

Online store presents a variety of gifts for 10 years of marriage. If you need help with choosing - contact us or share your ideas via email or the “chat with us” button.

Aluminum or tin anniversary gifts for him: how to please your soul mate

If by the tenth anniversary of your marriage, you still look at your husband with admiration and tenderness, you made the right choice. And how can you not please your beloved man with a pleasant gift for such an important event for your marriage?

Over the years, it would seem, everything has already been donated. What can you think of? Moreover, so as to fit into the symbolism of the celebration. Of course, the pink color will have to be postponed and left only for the presentation packaging.

How to choose a tenth-anniversary gift for your husband? It is clear that a rare man will appreciate the decor elements. Therefore, figurines and figurines will have to be excluded. 

Better to focus on more practical presents that your husband can use in a hobby or in everyday life:

  • Tin jewelry custom-made.
  • You can also donate traditional silver or gold - cufflinks, bracelets, pendants. But pack a box in a themed color,
  • A stylish watch will be a great present, especially if you know that your spouse wanted to update an accessory.
  • A businessman can use a tin paperweight, an expensive pen, or a functional decoration for his study,
  • A tin engraved beer mug is a practical and personal gift at the same time.
  • If the husband smokes, you can give an interesting lighter (for example, in the form of a pistol) and a set of cigars or good tobacco,
  • If you know that your spouse has long wanted a good instrument, and you can choose it yourself, give it as a present. And for symbolism, you can supplement the gift with a tin keychain.
  • A man with an active and mobile lifestyle can be presented with hiking accessories (burners, thermoses, sleeping bags).

Which option from this list will suit your hubby, only you can know. It all depends on the hobbies, temperament of the man.

Aluminum gifts for the 10th anniversary for her

Ten years with your beloved woman is no longer a joke. This is a long term that allows you to get to know a loved one without a touch of love, to feel and understand her. What to give your wife for a tin wedding? How to please your soul mate on such an important day?

As a hint, start your morning with a bouquet of roses (as a symbol of a rose wedding) and breakfast in bed. And after that, you can already move on to the main gift. As mentioned before such an anniversary is tin, so you can serve breakfast on the tin engraved plate - where our craftsman can describe all your life and refresh key memories.

Some ideas ten year tin wedding anniversary gift for her which our customer approve and its works:

  • Products made of tin and rose quartz, pomegranate, amethyst, the coral will be especially successful. 
  • A tin jewelry box: our craftsman can create something unique as your wife is.
  • Mirror with touching words on the back (a gift made of tin may well be graceful and feminine),
  • Designer cup made of tin with engraving. She will definitely become a favorite for morning coffee or tea for a long time.
  • An unusual wine holder which is decorated with roses and some myth characters also will be a great gift.
  • Her tin statuette.
  • The composition of the plant holders is also made from tin.

10 year traditional anniversary gift

What to give to 10th tin anniversary gifts for couples or family members? Gifts for 10 years should convey all the symbolism of this event, be interesting and remind the couple about this date. An original gift that will delight the spouses will be a tin bell on the door, which will protect the home from negativity and keep the family happy and cozy. You can also enhance the positive in the house by giving the spouses a tin horseshoe.

Some examples of aluminum gifts for the 10th anniversary:

  • A tin vase, as many will come with roses on such a holiday. But you can still give roses in this very vase;
  • Tin figurines - figures of lovers, will be a kind of reminder to the couple about this event;
  • A set of candlesticks, cup holders, wine bottle holders;
  • Any tableware made of tin: a coffee pot, a tray or a beautiful dish for fruit, a jug with glasses, a set of a decanter and glasses, or any other complement;
  • Tin spoons - by tradition. The ancient tradition said: with the presented spoon in the pocket, the husband and wife are obliged to walk the whole evening, after which they put it under the pillow. Then, of course, you can apply them according to the intended purpose, but this kind of ritual will give the relationship of generosity and flexibility. By the way, our shop has a gift version of such spoons with various congratulations, wishes;
  • Forged roses in a jar;
  • An umbrella holder with roses made from tin;
  • You can present two large tin medals with engraved names and diplomas of newlyweds with 10 years of experience;
  • A piece of pink furniture. Give what your relatives or close friends lack and what will fit into their interior.

In many countries, it has become fashionable to celebrate such an anniversary by repeating a wedding ceremony, while refreshing the vow of allegiance for a future life together. It doesn't matter whether the wife will wear a wedding dress, and the husband will wear a tuxedo suit, but the symbolism of the anniversary should be present in a ten year wedding anniversary gift for him/her. 

If you want to recreate your wedding day and moreover add some stylish elements to it - one of our specializations is wedding decoration elements - we can create the desired design according to your sketch. Also, we can create an arch - add some forged flowers to it, implement your initials, build the registration table or diversify your decoration with some art plant holders. We know that refreshing and recreating such a memorable day in your life will be the best 10 year anniversary gift tin for her.

By tradition, the tenth anniversary of the wedding is a huge celebration, which means that you need to prepare in advance for the invitation and buy a good gift for the heroes of the occasion.