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11th year steel wedding anniversary gift

The anniversary of eleven years of marriage is an important event in the life of a couple. According to statistics, only 50% of married couples can deal with the hardness of marriage and can celebrate such a significant day, the rest break up early. 

Eleven years of marriage - a steel wedding. It is believed that the couple has grown stronger and turned into a full-fledged family, by this time one or more children appear. Each recognized and accepted the feelings of the other, the spouses seem to be firmly sewn together with a steel needle.

Steel is an alloy that is reliable and durable. If the metal is subjected to processing, it will not collapse, but only shine more. So the steel tandem is strong in everything. an 11-year marriage, like steel, gone through " the dogs and the quicksand", only gets stronger.

The 11th-anniversary traditional gift: ideas & suggestion

The most popular steel wedding gift that can be given to young people for a steel wedding is table sets, sets of wine glasses, etc. 

However, such gifts may seem boring and usual to many. Several ideas which are made from steel as gifts for the 11th anniversary:

  • a souvenir in the form of a medallion, 
  • a horseshoe;
  • a commemorative plaque engraved with the date of the celebration; 
  • an unusual lock with a key (on the day of the anniversary, a couple can attach it to the bridge, and throw the key into the river, that is, repeat the wedding ceremony); 
  • steel jewelry for both spouses, such as bracelets or pendants; 
  • decorative bucket for champagne; 
  • large wall mirror in a carved steel frame; 
  • umbrella with steel needles; 
  • home safe for storing jewelry or important documents.

If a married couple lives in a country house, then a barbeque can be an excellent gift for them. We can create an unusual barbeque design with engraving or other decorations.

For spouses who live in an apartment, a fondue set with skewers of an interesting shape made of steel or a beautiful hinged shelf for items in the bathroom also is suitable as a gift.

11th year steel wedding anniversary gift for him

The hubby is a strong half, which means he can cope with any burden. This meaning can be invested in a gift. Heavy metal objects such as weapons, knives, tools, shields are appropriate on this day.

The present can be selected according to the type of hobby, interests, temperament:

  • decorative weapons are presented with a steel blade, saber, knives, swords, guns, etc. To keep the memory of the anniversary day, they order engravings with a name, date, and wishes.
  • when the husband is a fisherman or a hunter, a special knife or a flask with a set of glasses will work perfectly. A thermos in a metal frame, fishing tackle, or a barbecue grill will not be superfluous.
  • for a businessman, a pen made of steel is suitable.
  • a lighter, cigarette case or ashtray is the dream of many men. Why not present them as a gift to your beloved.
  • sword and shield with initials of your hubby also awesome present: you can check our catalog and find examples of such products.

11th year steel anniversary gift for her: how to please her

According to a long-standing tradition, the spouse must present to his wife a bouquet of fresh flowers on this day. According to history, the longer the flowers stand, the more friendly life together will be.

You can be more creative and present her some steel flowers just to be sure that your love will be alive while all flowers in the bouquets are fresh and beautiful.

A pleasant steel anniversary gifts for wife will be:

  • a set of jewelry made of jewelry steel;
  • stylish box for jewelry;
  • awesome mirror with a beautiful frame, where you can describe the memorable moments for both of you;
  • love letter which is made from steel and never ruined by time;
  • wine holders or wine rack;
  • umbrella holders;
  • a unique book holder for the bathroom, which will be very appreciated by those who like to soak up in a foam;
  • key holders with engraving and some steel figures.

An original gift for the wife on the 11th steel wedding anniversary will be a book safe. By hiding it on a bookshelf, you can store valuable things in it without fear of their fate.

When we talk about what to present on an 11-year anniversary as a gift traditionally for friends, it is better to make them paired, so that both can use the thing equally. 

Below we collect some particularly good options to take note of:

  • Steel portrait of a spouse. To do this, you will need a photo of them, friends of the family will surely find this.
  • A set of steel and crystal glasses so that the spouses have more reasons to celebrate happy events with sparkling wine.
  • A mirror in a beautiful steel frame to reflect the happy smiles of a loving couple.
  • A metal tray with engraving as a keepsake for romantic breakfasts in bed.
  • A set of kitchen items with a steel sheen.
  • Cutting boards with funny wishes for the spouses for each next round date.
  • Umbrella stands to keep the hallway dry and cozy.

Also, we can create everything that you can imagine from steel, you just need to contact us via email or chat-with-us button.