Collection: Forged Steampunk Statues: Wonderful And Bizarre World Of Forging

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The steampunk style is somewhere on the verge of phantasmagoria. The main material of steampunk is metal and that is why exclusive forging in this style looks so luxurious. It is also possible to combine metal with glass and wood.

The main characteristics of this style are the mechanical connection of structural parts, the "old" look of products, their accentuated rough and naked mechanics, an abundance of such details as gears, bolts, springs.

The forged steampunk statues can reflect a fantasy world. These are amazing animals, insects, and fish, created from obsolete parts of cars and all kinds of tools. And they become funny mechanisms, riding improvised bicycles and motorcycles.

Forge Steampunk Animals And Birds

Such forge loft statues are used to decorate homes, as well as in the role of figurines. It is worth noting that the gift of a figurine with a forged animal or a forged bird is a wonderful souvenir for the addressee of the present. The most interesting thing is that all the animals are captured in action, which in itself is a very difficult job. 

Figurines with forged animals are original and covered with patina, which gives the images of animals an even more realistic appearance.

Among the forged animals, you can find on our website:

  • Amazing birds;
  • Snakes, lizards, and other cold-blooded;
  • Fish, and other inhabitants of the sea;
  • Mammals.

The cost of forged animals and birds in our catalog is indicated per item. All products are made exclusively of high-quality forged metal, using the best primer and patina.

You can buy forged animals and birds by placing an order in our online store. The consultant will tell you in detail about the methods of payment and delivery of the forged goods you like.

Forge Steampunk Car: Victorian Aesthetics And Steam Engines

Our cars are a fantasy version of the steam era racing cars if it were to come. All parts of the car are made by hand. This is a great gift for all lovers of steampunk art, which will look amazing in any interior.

Materials such as glass and mirrors are also involved in the manufacture of forged interior items. Forged lace acquires an inimitable look due to inserts of tinted glass or stained glass, mother of pearl, polished metal.

It is not difficult to find a forged item for a stylish interior design on the website. Each customer receives an exclusive item, including the preferred shape and openwork weave to taste. We perform our work with high quality and in a short time.