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Wrought iron plant stands: create a true home garden

Plants can decorate a room, serve as additional elements of any style. They add coziness and harmony. In order for them to really decorate the room, you need to take care of them regularly. Still how and where these flowers are placed plays a very important role. Metal stands for flowers will be relevant. There are various types of these designs, and each has its own characteristics.

Our store has a wide variety of metal plant holder, for example:

  • hanging and tall floor options for indoor plants;
  • vintage metal plant stands;
  • plants holder which is made from iron or metal;
  • wrought iron plant holder.

Such products can solve several problems which you may have with plants, for example, you may love plants but it’s difficult to find a proper pot which will fit in your interior - in this case, our plant holder can be the saver of the situation. We can create required plant stands or holders according to your needs.

Metal flower plant stand indoor: which one is suitable for you

In every style used in the design of the room, there is a place for flowers. The main thing is to choose all the style elements correctly, and, of course, a good flower stand. Then everything will look harmonious.

Choose a forging pattern that is consonant with the shape of plants: for example, for vines and ivy, a design using vertical and oblique lines is more suitable, and for violets or azaleas - with curls and decorative leaves. For simple plants, complex design structures with a rich filigree pattern are perfect.

According to the location, the following types are divided:

  • For floor. Such monumental structures usually have several levels for different types of plants. Above are light-loving specimens, and unpretentious flowers closer to the bottom. Forged figures of original shape will delight both adults and kids. For a country house, choose memorable "carriages", "bicycles", stands in the form of pets. Such accessories will create a cozy atmosphere and cheer you up. For narrow hallways of urban housing, ergonomic products with minimal decor are suitable.
  • Wall-mounted. Designed for climbing and spreading plants. A hanging planter will decorate an empty wall or archway. With the help of an iron wall plant holder, you can decorate and soften the lines of the doorway.
  • Board stand. Performs an exclusively decorative function. Small dimensions allow you to put such a flower stand even on a coffee table. Curls attract attention and add romance and warmth to the interior.
  • Windowsill. For placing flowers on the windowsill, special devices will help out. Your favorite flower pots with "green friends" will fit on the multi-tiered bookcase.

Metal flower plant stand outdoor: why your garden needs them

Metal goes through several stages of processing and can resist corrosion for a long time, so forged flower stands can be easily used to decorate the area around a country house or summer cottage.

Graceful stands and holders can be magnificent landscape decorations. Such designs look especially attractive in combination with wrought-iron benches and tables, but as an independent element, they quite harmoniously decorate the courtyard space.

With the help, you can easily create arches from climbing plants or raise short plants to the desired level. Decorated stands, for example in the form of bicycles, give the garden its own character.

They give a special beauty to the yard. And you can place them anywhere - on the green lawn, near the entrance to the house, on the terrace, near the bench and swing, not far from the barbecue area or near the mini-fountain. Garden figurines and other decorative elements can complement these flower corners. Everything that is needed for your garden also can be bought in our online store.

Benefits of wrought iron plant stands: outdoor and indoor

Forged metal plant pots holders are always original and do not lose their popularity during the time. This is due to the presence of the following advantages:

  • The products are stable. The design was created taking into account the installation of a certain number of flower pots, not just for the sake of beauty. Be sure to consider this point when choosing products.
  • The modern art of forging and the skill of our blacksmiths have reached such a high level of quality and professionalism that craftsmen can create absolutely any model.
  • The forged iron plant holders are very durable and almost impossible to damage.
  • Durability - they serve so long that it would be at least irrational in submission to the fashion to replace them with others in a few years.
  • They can be installed in any room - they fit so organically into the design, especially if you want to place them on the wall.
  • The metal structure is durable enough to create a true home garden. The only limitation, in this case, is the size of the apartment.
  • Forged flower stands easily cope with any mass and at the same time look light, graceful, and elegant, without cluttering up space.
  • The graceful beauty of plants will not hide behind curtains but serve as an interior decoration.

Our iron stands for flowers serve as a good example of the optimal ratio of price and quality of products. The modern art of forging, as in the old days, is a very expensive pleasure.

Therefore, we do everything necessary to reduce the prices for metal flower stands and other forged products, without reducing the quality of products.