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Blacksmithing has always been a respected craft, as exclusive products are preceded by a laborious and time-consuming process of working with a hammer and anvil. The result of the work depends not only on the skill of the execution but also on the artistic talent of the master. Not everyone could afford to decorate photos and mirrors with forged frames.

Today, there are many options for frames that can decorate your home. If the facing of the photo is created using artistic forging, then it will make the interior more solid and rich. In addition, you can find any option from our catalog, which will look exactly how you want it.

Metal Photo Frame For Your Home

There are two types of forged photo frames: which can be placed on the wall or the table. We provide you with a wide range of such products. We also offer various options for decorating products, shapes, and sizes. The price of our forged photo frames will pleasantly surprise you.

The main advantages of a forged photo frame are:

  • a wide selection of shapes, colors, and types;
  • a good addition to the interior;
  • reliability and quality.

Maybe you are planning to put a photo frame on a dressing table or shelf. In this case, you can use a set of products that are created in the same style but have different shapes and sizes. Alternatively, you can create an interesting composition of different styles and colors. Just contact us and we will help you to pick the perfect one.

Metal Mirror Frame For Your Home

Due to the highest skills, we can create a real work of art. Based on your desires, we will make a heavy forged mirror frame or a light one that looks like thin lace. It all depends on your preferences, just leave us the quality of performance, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

To add a unique ambiance to your home, you can buy a forged mirror frame with colored glass and additional decorative details. These products look like jewelry. Also, such a frame can be repainted in any color, so that you can choose the appropriate option for your home, creating an atmosphere of wealth and luxury in the house, avoiding high costs.

Our managers will help you to select a product that will fit the idea of decorating your home and complement it. Contact our designers, they will select for you the most suitable option from the assortment, suitable for the interior of your home, the idea of composition, and budgets.