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Epoxy Table: What You Need To Know Before Purchase

Modern forms and non-standard techniques for making woodworking resin epoxy furniture are becoming more and more popular every day. After all, such furniture looks extraordinary and can be made taking into account all the nuances and subtleties of the interior design in which it will be located.

The popularity of wood tables is great. Still, a worthy alternative to the usual models can be a wooden epoxy and resin pour table. For the manufacture of such tables, solid wood, saw cuts, board trimmings, old wood and bizarre cuts are used.

All live edge river tables epoxy on the market today have their advantages and disadvantages. And everyone chooses his house which is closer to him. Yes, a glass table is not bad in the interior, but it is cold and cannot be repaired in case of damage.

Tables made of chipboard are affordable, but one cannot be completely sure of their quality and the absence of harmful fumes. And then the choice falls on something that humanity has been trusting for 2000 years - a wood.

It is durable, wear-resistant, warm to the touch, and recoverable. Unique in its appearance and purpose. Before ordering an epoxy wood table top table, you most likely decided that you are looking for something that will combine with practicality, and bring art to your home.

How To Choose A Proper Woodcut For A Round Epoxy River Table

To choose a cut suitable for the table, you will have to go through more than a dozen samples. After all, if, when viewed on the Internet, it seems that the cuts differ little from each other, then in practice everything is quite the opposite. You have to choose the "same" saw cut, paying attention to its shape, thickness, annual rings, wood species, cracks, and shades of color.

Please note, epoxy is a resin until it cures. And then - it is already a plastic, consisting of two components that harden when mixed. It is worth noting that the epoxy that we use is specially designed for tables and meets all required standards.

This approach to material selection is essential to create a unique resin wood table that can be an impressive focal point for your space. This is not just a comfortable surface for a cup of morning coffee - it is individuality, the magic of natural lines and shades. This is a whole story that you can read endlessly!

Benefits Of Wood, Epoxy, And Resin Table

Epoxy resin can be called a unique and versatile building material, as it can be used to make various masterpieces, from miniature souvenirs to large surfaces such as countertops. With a certain technology for making the mixture, the floors are even poured with epoxy.

In addition to an unusual and attractive look, polymer-filled tables are distinguished by high performance:

  • coating strength (resistant to mechanical damage, the appearance of dents and chips)
  • resistant to moisture, which is important for dining tables and kitchen surfaces
  • resistance to most cleaning agents
  • when dry, the epoxy resin fill acquires a perfect, even surface and does not change its volume
  • the fill is not destroyed under the influence of ultraviolet rays, does not fade during the time
  • convenience and easy way to care of live edge wood epoxy table
  • In the event of damage to the wood, you can always repair it by filling it.

A huge plus of tables made of wood with epoxy resin is the variety of design solutions at an affordable price. In our shop, you can find a huge variety of such items, if . Alsoyou didn’t find the perfect one - contact us and we will design together with the necessary one.

Variety Of The Design Of Resin Table Tops

As we said, each epoxy table is a unique piece. You can make it even more expressive by complementing the design with pebbles, branches, leaves, coins, and other elements that fit into the interior concept.

What can be the design of the table and the options for polymer filling:

  • Natural illumination is formed after the addition of a special substance to the resin - a phosphor, which itself becomes a radiation source under the influence of sunlight.
  • You can find countertops with electric lighting, most often LED. Naturally, such tables are less practical, since they require a power source.
  • Solid wood worktop where wood imperfections are filled with resin.
  • Epoxy river table. Wood with an untreated edge forms the banks of such a "river" or "stream", and the fill acts like water. Through the transparent fill, all the irregularities and textures of the wood are visible. The fill is often colored in shades of turquoise and blue.
  • Combination. In this version, fragments of wood and resin alternate.
  • Full epoxy resin table. In this design, the resin is the basis and the three-act as a decorative element.
  • Epoxy resin can serve as a decorative and protective coating for wood surfaces, possibly old countertops, or other spectacular surfaces.

The river table is an amazing idea from the American artist and creator of unique furniture Greg Klassen. However, the master uses wood with a natural edge and glass for the "river" and "waterfall" as a material. In our interpretation, we fill the space with epoxy or resin material.
Based on the given material properties, it is not difficult to determine where it is possible and where it is not recommended to use resin countertops. Traditionally, a live edge epoxy countertop is considered a piece of a kitchen set.

Kitchen furniture, in particular, a dining table, a panel-covering for floor-standing cabinets, as well as a bar counter do not experience significant mechanical or shock loads.

However, there is a great risk of damaging the surface. It is caused by the procedure of cooking, cutting vegetables, and using various kitchen utensils. In this respect, epoxy is quite strong. Therefore, kitchen countertops are beautiful and practical.

The division into types is carried out far from depending on the design. There are three types of countertops:

  • With a base. As a rule, such countertops have a rigid and solid base. It is made of wood, chipboard, plastic, or metal. The purpose of the base is to provide the slab with adequate strength.
  • No base. The countertop slab is completely made of epoxy resin. The shape of the slab is determined by the imagination of the master. It can be both classic and non-standard.
  • Combined. A clear separation between the two listed types of countertops is sometimes not observed. For example, a decorative element (a sheet of metal, a piece of wood, a piece of plywood) can simultaneously act as a base. This base does not always completely cover the lower edge of the countertop.

Why You Should Choose Live Edge Epoxy Table From Us

In the world of online shopping, it is very important to find a reliable manufacturer who will fulfill the order on time and you will be satisfied.

Conventionally, the entire process of making such a table can be divided into several stages:

  • resin preparation;
  • preparation of decor;
  • formwork manufacturing;
  • pouring process;
  • grinding.

Since we are personally engaged in the manufacture of all products, we can confidently say that quality control is carried out at every stage of product creation.

Below we have collected the main points. why you should choose us:

  • Professional and fast manufacture.
  • Only environmentally friendly and high-quality materials.
  • We care about nature and plant a tree after each order of our products.
  • Exclusivity and uniqueness of products.
  • Further service.
  • Warranties for all products.

If you have any doubts, you can always read the reviews on our website. You can also visit the FAQ section and read the information.

In the event of a product defect, you can always contact us and provide all photos or videos of the defect and we will correct it. Please note that the return policy is valid for 14 days after purchase.