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The 6th wedding anniversary iron gifts: choosing present wisely

It seemed that very little time had passed since the day the young people embarked on the path of life together, but it was time to celebrate their sixth anniversary. And although the date is not round, it is also very important, so you simply cannot do without gifts.

Six years of marriage it’s like you are in the middle between “Just married” and “Wow, how long are we in marriage?”. Of course, your love going through changes, you learn how to understand each other without words, learning how to accept all habits and trying not to argue about it. Eventually, you become a team and your love ties become stronger and stronger day by day. That’s why six years is called an iron wedding.

Another feature of iron is that the more often you use products from it, the stronger and more durable they will become. A similar situation occurs in family life. Six years is a long time, but not very long, so there is some fragility in family life. But if you take care of them, then quarrels can be avoided.

So what to give for the sixth anniversary? You can turn to traditions, where each anniversary has its own name. Since 6 years of marriage is called a "cast-iron" wedding, it is quite appropriate to give products from this metal. We know that sometimes you can be confused while choosing the iron wedding anniversary gifts for him/her. As mentioned before there is some tradition and it is necessary to stick to it.

Our main specialization - handmade bronze, metal, iron wedding gifts - each item that we produce a piece of our soul, we do by our own from sketch to forging iron.

A 6th wedding anniversary iron gift for him: the greatest ideas

A loving wife has been with her husband for six whole years, so she must have already carefully studied his habits, hobbies, and tastes. This knowledge will help you quickly choose a gift that your beloved husband will definitely appreciate.

You can give your hubby for an iron wedding, in general, anything your heart desires. It can be something for a hobby - for example, a new fishing rod or a prefabricated model, or a stylish accessory - a purse, tie, watch. However, if you want to buy a more traditional 6 year anniversary iron gift for your husband - below we provide some popular ideas for your beloved hubby:

  • decorative statuette - dark statues with beautiful engraving will become a worthy decoration of a room or office. It can be some kind of animals like a wolf, a beautiful girl, or mystical creatures, for example, a mermaid;
  • keyholder - there are desktop and wall options. The table key holder is made in the form of a dish, which is usually placed in the hallway. The wall product is most often made in the form of a key, which symbolizes the well-being in the house;
  • a set of glasses - this gift will be the pride of the festive table;
  • a barbecue, which you can decorate the yard and gather around him during family holidays and arrange a delicious dinner;
  • a goblet - an iron goblet can be supplemented with an original engraving in the spirit of: "To my champion";
  • an iron sword or hammer.

If you do not know what to give your spouse for an iron wedding, then your kind words about how you love him will always serve as a good gift. After all, the point of an iron wedding is to make your marriage even stronger. If you want something unique - tell us and we will do it.

A 6th wedding anniversary iron gifts for her: how to please your loved one

Such a wedding anniversary is no longer a small event, but a real anniversary of family relations. A husband should think in advance what to give for a 6th year anniversary iron gift for his beloved wife.

According to psychologists, an iron wedding anniversary often coincides with the onset of a crisis in a relationship, since in 6 years the family routine and everyday-life can become boring. To cheer up a wife, you can give them unusual gifts for their anniversary.

There are many interesting options such as:

  • a personalized floor vase - an iron product will not only decorate the interior but also become a family property;
  • towel holder - will look great in the bathroom and in the kitchen. You can choose a model in the form of a horseshoe, which will symbolize good luck;
  • book holders - if your children have their own library, and they prefer to read paper books, then such a thing is simply irreplaceable. Most often, products are decorated with figures of birds or animals, and today you can even purchase models with personalized engraving and congratulatory words;
  • decorative hook or hanger - there are classic ones or in the form of different animals. Iron products will last long enough and will become a real decoration of the hallway. Hooks can be purchased individually or as a set;
  • iron bottle holder - this accessory will be a great addition to your dinner table or will take place on the shelf above the fireplace;
  • stand holder for cufflinks, watches, jewelry - this piece of furniture will organically fit into the interior of any home and your woman will definitely like it. Moreover, this thing will allow you to conveniently store valuable things.

An interesting gift will be an iron figurine made of the figure of a man and a woman, who will look like the heroes of the occasion. For the interior of the house, you can give a gift such as a mirror in an iron frame. A symbolic iron wedding anniversary gifts for her will be iron locks, which represent the strength of the marriage team works.


6th year wedding anniversary traditional gift: how to choose

On this day, guests can bring new dishes made of iron into the house as a gift. Giving them, each guest wishes to further strengthen the union. Everything is quite simple and prosaic here. It is necessary to build on the name of the celebration and direct your imagination towards finding a suitable gift. 

For example, they can be:

  • iron accessories and interior items;
  • outdoor furniture, such as a table, bench, or chair;
  • cooking pot on an open fire;
  • jewelry box;
  • kettlebell or dumbbells, if the family is athletic;
  • figurines and sculptures;
  • battery grilles, etc.

If the heroes of the occasion have a working fireplace in the house, then there should be no questions about the gift. A great gift idea for a family on a wedding anniversary would be a beautiful wrought-iron flap that protects the room from sparks. Or an iron basket for storing firewood or brushwood by the hearth.

Each family has its own habits and preferences. Therefore, if there are doubts about a gift, then it is better to ask the spouses about it so as not to make it unnecessary. Moreover, this applies to practical gifts made from such material as iron. Of course, the most important gift for a husband and wife will be their strong relationship and peace in the family. And relatives and friends can only wish them many more years to get together to celebrate new anniversaries.

As always, you can move away from conformity in choosing a gift and give something that meets the needs or desires of each of the spouses, only the development of your imagination and financial capabilities can impose restrictions. But the main idea is a wedding anniversary gift should be as symbolic and warm as your life. And the main thing is that he should express all the good that you feel for your loved one.