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Wrought iron candle holders: decorate own house with stylish elements

Our products created by using the technology of artistic forging are amazed by their grace and beauty since ancient times. Forged candle holders stand out among the widest range of items. They are used to decorate the home and create a unique atmosphere.

Often, candle holders serve as a bright accent in the interior. The candles perfectly set off the openwork lines of the product and are harmoniously combined with metal patterns. The durability of the items makes them an excellent choice from a practical point of view.

Types of iron candle holders

It is almost impossible to show and analyze all types of forged candle holders since there are a huge number of types of products.

Metal processing through forging allows you to create both standard and exclusive items, the number of which is endless. Therefore, the following are the main types of candle holders.

The type of candlestick construction is the main criterion for classification. Iron candle holders are the most popular type of product. These items are great:

  • for living quarters: bedroom, kitchen, living room or hallways;
  • for places of public catering: bars, restaurants;
  • for shops selling art, antiques, jewelry;
  • for non-commercial premises: museums, theaters.

In each case, candle holders perform specific functions:

  • serve to create a special atmosphere;
  • act as a constituent element of the design made in the medieval style;
  • set off and favorably emphasize the value and splendor of luxury items.

Wrought iron wall candle holders do not take up space, therefore they are suitable for small rooms. With their help, a whole light ensemble can be created on a vertical surface. Competent arrangement of objects will allow you to zone the space.

Table wrought iron candlestick holders harmoniously complement the design of the bedroom and bathroom. In the first case, you should choose a product with a laconic and restrained design, which will contribute to fruitful work.

For such purposes, you can choose an item made in pastel colors, with their help it is possible to create an atmosphere of comfort for relaxation after a hard day.

Candlesticks are often small in size, are an excellent element for decoration, and act as an interesting accent. Small decorative items make a wonderful gift or souvenir that demonstrates original taste.

Forged floor candlesticks are less common. This is happening because a spacious room is required to accommodate them. Therefore, such products, which are often quite large, are suitable for a hotel, restaurant, mansion, cottage.

Wrought iron candle holders floor standing

Artistic blacksmithing brings the atmosphere of antique, classical art into the house. Thanks to the forged products, the décor of the house comes to life in a special way.

Today, candlesticks adorn the interior surprisingly. And with the help of forged candle holders floor standing, you can create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Forged candlesticks have a variety of shapes. From the simplest to the most complex. Wrought iron candle stands look very unusual.

Decorative attributes of forged products will instantly transform the room and bring notes of originality into it.

For centuries, forging has not lost its popularity. It can emphasize the status and prestige of the owner, as it personifies luxury and aristocracy.

Forged iron candle holders add some zest to any room interior. And with the help of such candle holders floor standing, your family dinner or romantic dinner for two, and other events will be comfortable and pleasant, and most importantly safe. Here you will find a wide selection of forged candlesticks. Also, we can order according to your sketches.

Iron candle sconce

A candlestick in the form of a sconce is a product that goes to a vertical surface using a special holder, bracket. A chain connects the box where the candle is to the bracket.

Such products are suitable for interiors as well as the beautifully arranged architecture of the building. With their help, you can illuminate the entrance area, the path that runs along with the house, a balcony, a veranda, or a terrace.

The cost of our products is affordable for any client, regardless of the budget. The company's pricing policy allows you to buy inexpensive forged candlesticks wholesale and retail. You can purchase them for your home or as an original and memorable presentation to your close friends or relatives.

According to historical records, the first iron candle stand was created in the Bronze Age. Forms and configurations have changed tirelessly since then, but one thing has remained unchanged - the elegance and attractiveness of these decor items.

Metal candlesticks on our website can be selected for your specific needs. You can give preference to models designed for one candle. Or you can choose a forged candlestick for several candles to create a more powerful center of the light.

Our experts can create unique design wrought iron candle wall sconces that keep the ardent soul of the master and his desire for beauty in the cold of the metal. Each candlestick has its own graceful lines, creating a weightless, yet very sturdy construction. Some parts of the candlesticks can be made in the form of miniature sculptures. Such jewelry pieces of work of our masters will make any connoisseur of arts or notorious esthete tremble.

Wrought iron chandelier with candles: affordable luxury or a work of art?

If you decide to start a renovation house or room in an unusual style - in this case, wrought iron chandeliers with candles are the ideal choice. The prices of vintage items differ significantly from the usual lighting fixtures.

A wrought iron chandelier is an original solution for those who prefer the classic style. Metal luminaries are classics in their original form. Such chandeliers are always in demand.

A wrought iron chandelier can be used for various purposes:

  • the main light source in the room;
  • decoration of the facade, interior;
  • room decoration in a thematic style.

The main advantage of such a chandelier is its uniqueness. Especially if your model was custom-made.

Such an acquisition will create a unique atmosphere and will delight you with many advantages:

  • durability;
  • strength;
  • safety (metal excludes the possibility of a fire);
  • easy care.

Vintage chandeliers with forging elements will forever retain their appearance, embellishing the interior of any property.

Our metal candle holders are created according to the requirements of the clients. These interior items are distinguished by their special stability and reliability. During the production process, the most durable candlesticks are created, which makes our products incredibly easy to use.

If you need to buy unique forged candle holders, then the product catalog on our website will help you decide which model you need to choose and save money without losing the quality of the product.