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Wrought iron fireplace tools are an organic continuation of the hearth, creating a special, comfortable, and cozy atmosphere. In urban apartments, fireplace accessories usually perform a decorative role, but in country dwellings with a real wood-burning fireplace, a utilitarian function is added to their purpose, which does not in the least detract from the aesthetic value of hand-forged items.

A creative and technologically correct approach to the production of fireplace accessories opens up several possibilities for designers to bring to life the most daring ideas both inside and outside residential and commercial premises, for example, in a large hall of a house, in a restaurant, or an attached summer kitchen.

Wrought Iron Fireplace Doors

Forged fireplace doors are one of the types of grates. One- or two-leaf products with different types of opening and closing: swing, sliding, and folding - have an attractive and eye-catching design. Depending on the structure: transparent or dull, they perform a decorative or also a protective function.

Open doors are not always a guarantee of safety from embers and sparks, therefore they are suitable for fake and electric fireplaces. For wood burners, it is recommended to choose closed products.

Wrought iron fireplace door (grate) with glass has a presentable design. A more affordable option is a product supplemented with a mesh.

The doors are located in the opening of the combustion chamber, therefore, they have a similar shape. The most common are rectangular, square, and arched. Likewise, doors are classified by size. Based on the dimensions of the firebox opening, forged products are bought or ordered individually.

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

The forged screen is a grid with small cells, it serves to protect the flooring and furniture from flying chips and coals, ensures even combustion, promotes heat delivery, and is located at some distance from the flame.

The main criterion for classifying screens is the number of flaps, single-, two- and three-fold products are distinguished, some of the specimens are folding, which demonstrates their increased practicality.

The configuration of the screen is not limited to the shape of the combustion chamber, so the client has the opportunity to purchase a product of various types. Standard solutions are popular, such as objects that have a geometric shape.

Where To Buy Hand Forged Fireplace Tools

Fireplace sets and accessories may differ incompleteness or design, however, created using blacksmithing technologies, they are of particular aesthetic value, which allows not to hide such items in an inconspicuous place, but to deliberately display them.

We offer a wide range of products. you also have the option of submitting a request to implement your project.

A custom-forged fireplace set will be a wonderful gift for the owners of suburban housing, decorate a city apartment with a fake fireplace, facilitate the care of the hearth, and will create a good mood!