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The use of autonomous heating sources in private and country houses has proven to be practical and effective. Among such sources, stoves and fireplaces are in particular demand, some of which are used as aesthetic and original elements in interior design. To use the stove or fireplace at home was comfortable, convenient, and pleasant, our store offers a huge range of special devices and accessories.

Wrought iron fire poker is a tool that is a thick metal rod, bent at a right angle on one side, and with a handle on the other. The standard size of the metal fire poker is 50-70 cm, the length is selected based on the dimensions of the stove stand and the height of the owner.

There are several types of decoration of the wrought iron poker in our store:

  • forged pokers can be decorated with a variety of elements: leaves and shoots, wrapping around the tool, give freshness to the design; balls provide the element with a complete look and guarantee a comfortable grip; baskets located in the area of ​​the handle give individuality;
  • applying texture to the tool: the goosefoot pattern looks interesting, torsion of the poker is a popular technique;
  • the handle has various shapes: the ring and the curl serve for convenient storage (hanging) of the tool and provide convenient use, the handle in the form of an open oval elongated shape guarantees increased comfort, the handles are made in the form of an animal's head, for example, a horse, have an interesting design.

All products, regardless of model and design, are made of high-quality materials with increased resistance to high temperatures and moisture, which allows you to maintain the appearance and integrity of accessories for a long time of use.

Other Products Which Are Come With Iron Fire Poker: Scoop, Broom, And Holder

The fireplace sets, in addition to the poker, also include a scoop, a broom, and a holder. A four to five-piece set is classic. A demanded product is a firebox, which allows you to store a small supply of logs in the house and at the same time keep the room clean.

The kit also often includes a grate and grates or other products for the front of the fireplace: screen, doors, fences.

All items in the set are made in the same style, thus the customer receives a harmonious design solution that can transform the interior.

How we create stainless steel fire poker

Forged fire pokers are produced using two methods: cold and hot. Cold forging of metal implies the bending and pressing of blanks, carried out manually or mechanically. The finished elements have a typical design. Despite the standard shapes and lines of details, it is possible to create interesting compositions from them. This technology saves time, which has a positive effect on the cost of the product.

Hot forging is the processing of metal brought to a plastic state, carried out manually, or rather, using artistic processing operations. Each product made using this technology has a unique design and high cost. This is due to the high labor costs and the long production time of the item.

Where You Can Buy Proper Fireplace Accessories

For the convenience of cleaning and operating the fireplace, you will need fireplace accessories. These are baskets for storing firewood, a poker, tongs, a broom, a scoop, glass cleaners, and much more. All of this can be purchased in our store including iron fire pit poker.

Of course, fireplace accessories should not only be functional but also beautiful. A fireplace set is a decorative element of a fireplace that can emphasize its belonging to a particular style. A basket filled with wood will enliven the look of the fireplace, clearly demonstrating its naturalness.

Today we are ready to consider any proposals from our customers and clients, fulfilling individual orders of any volume and complexity, the cost of which always corresponds to the high quality of the result. If you have any questions you can always contact us - our managers gladly provide all the necessary information.

The wide variety of accessories for fireplaces, as well as each model, is accompanied by a detailed description and high-quality images that allow you to put together the main idea of the product.