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Metal door latches: safety can be stylish

Any person wants to create the safest possible living conditions in their home. As an additional means of protection, the use of a door latch has recently become popular again.

The modern door latch is fundamentally no different from its predecessor - it also serves as a security function by one-sided locking of the door from the inside. However, the modern device has been significantly improved by manufacturers, which made it more convenient to use and turned from a purely practical element into an attractive door accessory.

The catalog of our online store contains photos, prices, product characteristics of metal latch for door. The main function of the mechanisms is to securely block the entrance to the room from the inside. Therefore, the main emphasis in manufacturing is made not on complexity, but on the strength of the structure.

The forged door latch is made of high-quality materials. The protective device can be mounted into wooden or steel doors. According to the installation type, the latches are divided into overhead and mortise. The main blocking element is a full-weight round or rectangular ledger.

A door latch can serve as an excellent stylistic addition to the overall design of the door and interior if you choose a product of the appropriate shape and color. We also can give you recommendations for the installation of the product. It is necessary to strictly follow the proposed instructions to not provoke deformation of the door leaf, and the mechanism can fully perform its functions.

Distinctive characteristics of iron door latches

The functionally modern door latch is a copy of its earlier models. It is still designed to lock the door from the inside. However, we work hard for the device to acquire new properties:

  • attractive appearance;
  • practicality;
  • the convenience of use.

Now the inconspicuous mechanism has become a stylish interior accessory.

Taking into account the specific purpose of the latch, the top priority for craftsmen is not only the elegance but the strength of the structure of the locking mechanism, therefore, we use only high-quality materials for its development.

Modern hand forged door latches can be of any color and design. The size of the door latch depends on the weight and size of the door. A door latch is a real opportunity to reliably protect your home and turn out your home to its legal function as an individual fortress.

Types of door latches

The mechanism is designed for installation on a door made of any material (wood, metal). By the type of installation, door latches are divided into:

  • mortise;
  • waybills.

Both designs have a single blocking element - a rectangular/cylindrical ledger. To close the mortise mechanism, use a lock. The waybills structure is closed by turning the moving lever. Correct installation guarantees long-term trouble-free operation of the device. A large assortment of shapes, colors allows you to choose a model that meets all the requirements.

The popularity of wrought iron door latch is not decreasing, despite the time and fashion trends in the exterior and interior of buildings. The fact is that this shut-off latch is rightfully considered one of the most reliable and durable solutions for your home. It is installed on the door and on a fixed structure (wall, sash) or box. The metal frame holds the latch or, as the people call it, the "tongue". So hurry up, don’t miss your chance!

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