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Metal chess table and its value today

Such a carpentry product as a chess table can be made independently. At the same time, it will not be necessary to use it for its intended purpose, since this original hand-made chess table will perfectly decorate any of the rooms in your house. In the process of creating this decorative piece of furniture, it will be possible to learn how to correctly assemble a surface divided into uniform squares of different colors by using multi-colored veneer plates.

Requirements for a homemade metal brass chess table

Under production conditions, the furniture is tested for compliance with the quality guarantor and recommended standards. When working independently, the master himself controls the compliance of new furniture with safety requirements:

  • Sufficient strength. Any furniture, even decorative, must withstand the slightest load. And it is especially important to check the strength of fasteners and joints for dining and student tables.
  • Environmental safety of the materials used. You should not build a table from materials containing harmful resins, and toxic impurities. Also, you can not use such compositions for decorating processing.
  • Moisture resistant. If the table being made is intended for eating and cooking, you should take care of the high-quality and timely impregnation of the surfaces with the appropriate compositions.
  • Mobility, compactness, the possibility of transformation. The presence of such qualities will only play into the hands of the owners of small apartments, houses, and summer cottages. After being used for its intended purpose, the folding table can be stored in the pantry.

In the process of independent work, it is important to strictly follow the prepared drawing, and plan, because the quality and possible life of the future product directly depend on this parameter!