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A forged cross on a grave is a durable metal product, which is most often installed at a burial site. The cemetery is the place of the last refuge of a person, relatives, and friends of the deceased should bury him with honors and ennoble the burial place, keep the memory of the deceased.

Artistic forging in the design of a Forged Cemetery Cross

To give the grave a complete look, it is recommended to make a forged fence or a whole set of ritual items. With artistic forging, you can decorate the original burial place.

Additional elements can be added to the design of attributes for the grave, in addition to the cross:

  • for the military - add laurel or oak branches, and carnations;
  • sailor - anchors, chains.

You can often find artistic styles - modern, geometric or floral ornament. Hammered ritual metal products can be made with more manual labor or welding. The cost of the second type is less, but this does not affect originality, elegance, and beauty.

An iron cemetery cross is durable, it is not affected by the conditions of nature. Snow or rain cannot harm such products.

Cast iron things serve for a long time, giving the grave a well-groomed appearance. To highlight the place of the last refuge of a dear person among other burials, the steel cemetery cross is made to order.

How is the installation of a wrought cemetery cross on the grave?

Metal crosses for cemetery in the cemetery are decorated with decorative inserts or flowers. Popular and simple models. Relatives of the deceased can attach an oval or rectangular frame with the data of the deceased.

Immediately after the burial, a temporary cross is placed on the grave. It is usually made from wood. The wooden structure does not interfere with soil subsidence. A year later, when the soil settles a little, the earth hardens, and the wooden one can be replaced with forged or made of granite. Priests advise burning an old wooden crucifix, but not throwing it away, so as not to desecrate Christian canons.

Before buying a forged cross, you need to choose the place where it will be installed, and the pedestal - the foundation. The structure is often mounted on soil or concrete. To do this, a support is made on the base in the form of a pipe of about 50 cm. Under the support on the base, metal pins with a diameter of 12 cm must be welded.

According to Orthodox traditions, a forged gravestone cross is placed at the feet of the deceased, so that the soul, leaving the body, sees the symbol on the grave.

If the cross on the grave has bent or fallen, it must be lifted and set in place, and memorial service should be ordered for the deceased in the church. Such an event should not be taken to heart, these are ordinary life phenomena. You need to be firm in your faith, visit the temple regularly, and take the sacrament!