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Metal is considered the most popular material that is used to make lighting fixtures - both indoor and outdoor. Usually, a frame or base for a lamp is created from it. Strength is one of the main advantages of metal over other materials. In addition, it is characterized by plasticity and the ability to be painted in any color, which is especially important for designers when working on interior details.

For the manufacture of modern fixtures, aluminum, brass, copper, and various types of steel are used. And when creating expensive exclusive models, bronze can be used.

Lighting fixtures and chandeliers can be purchased from brick-and-mortar stores or online, with the latter gaining in popularity among consumers.

What metal is better to buy a metal ceiling light?

There are several types of metals that have found their wide application in the manufacture of lamps, chandeliers, sconces, electric candlesticks, etc.

  • Stamped steel is the most common type of metal used in the manufacture of fixtures. Its distribution was facilitated by an inexpensive conveyor manufacturing method. Pressed steel is suitable for the manufacture of both serial products and luxury lamps. Expensive models are additionally covered with a thin layer of gold, silver, or bronze. The fittings of the fixtures are electroplated to protect the surface from damage and give an aesthetic appearance. When processing the surface, polishing can also be used, which allows you to get rid of joints on the surface.
  • Aluminum is considered to be another popular material for making lighting fixtures. It will be more profitable to buy a sconce made of aluminum because this material is much lighter than steel. In addition, aluminum has good reflective properties.
  • Copper and brass are mainly used in the manufacture of custom fixtures for home interiors or street lamps. These materials are chrome-plated or silver-plated to give the product a noble shine, and patinated to obtain a varied palette of shades.

In the production of a bronze ceiling light, artistic forging can be used, which turns ordinary lighting fixtures into real works of art.

However, do not forget to consider all the details.

What to look for when choosing, viewing, and buying wrought iron ceiling lights?

The cost of the product depends on the design, materials of manufacture, the level of protection, and power. The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing modern steel pendant lights and chandeliers is the dimensions of the room.

In small rooms with low ceilings, it is better to give preference to devices directed upwards. For rooms such as a hallway or dressing room, spots that give even and harmonious lighting can be a good option. At the same time, models are usually compact and save space.

With high ceilings, designers recommend choosing large metal pendant lights or a chandelier with numerous elements.

Pay attention to the power of the model, which depends on the number of an iron lantern pendant light in the device. The darker the tones used in the design of the room, the brighter the lighting and vice versa. For different rooms, the power of the lamps does not have to be the same. For example, in the bedroom and hallway, you can use a more subdued option than in the living room.

When choosing, be sure to consider the features of the ceiling. For hinged, as well as drywall types, heavy and overall structures are not suitable. In this case, it is better to give preference to spots or embedded models.

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