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History of forged metal buckles

The origin of buckles goes back centuries.

Initially, the material for their manufacture was roughly processed bone or wood, and they served for girdling clothes from skins and carrying weapons and tools. Later, metal buckles appeared: copper, bronze, then silver. In ancient civilizations - Egypt, India, and China - belts were a significant element of the male and female toilet. Belt buckles were then decorated with precious stones, engraving, and chasing, casting drawings. They showed the social status and wealth of a person.

However, not only the rich could boast of buckles.

They were also common among the common people and were used in everyday life. Buckles were also part of military ammunition, especially among the barbarians. Later they began to make buckles with a front part that completely hides the mechanism for connecting the ends of the belt. They were called plaques. They were used in military uniforms and served as the same distinction between the troops as the cut and color of the uniform. The coat of arms and abbreviations of departments could be engraved on the plaques. Buckles in the women's wardrobe found their place on hats, handbags, shoes, gloves, and eventually on women's belts.

Today, belt buckles are worn by both men and women.

In the production of a custom metal belt buckle and plaques, various types of metals and alloys are used. As in the old days, they fasten belts, belts, shoe straps, bags, and much more, while being an accessory that emphasizes belonging to any social group or subculture.

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