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Areas of use of metal buckets

Bathing has become a good tradition for many. True connoisseurs of such events know that the bathing procedure requires special attributes, which include a scoop. It is indispensable when you need to “turn on steam” by adding water or herbal decoction to the stones to provide a healing and rejuvenating effect: activate blood flow, relax muscles, relieve stress, cleanse the skin, make it fresh and elastic, remove toxins from the body, strengthen immunity.

Why choose us and our wrought iron bucket?

We offer handmade forged models. The scoop is easy to use and, at the same time, looks stylish. It organically fits into the style of the space, complements the interior, and creates a unique atmosphere in the steam room. The convenient wooden handle carries out a protective function. It will allow you to easily scoop up water without fear of getting burned by hot metal. A strong leather cord is provided for hanging. Wrought-iron ladle for a bath is calculated on long service.

The dipper is used to fill bathtubs with water and to splash water or herbal decoction on hot stove stones. A ring is made at the end of the scoop handle. A tin bucket is conveniently stored in an upright position, hanging on a hook. Next to the model, you can place poker and other accessories for the bath, made in the same style.

Metal sauna cast iron buckets are more durable than their wood counterparts. When exposed to high temperatures and steam, metal products cannot crack or deform. Since the ladle has a long horizontal handle, when water is added to the stones, the steamers are not burned with hot steam. The only drawback of metal products is their high thermal conductivity; they quickly heat up upon contact with hot surfaces. Therefore, you need to store the ladle at a distance from the stove and other heating devices, and when using the ladle, put on a bath mitt.

The main pluses of this choice

The purpose of these products is to scoop cold water from a vat and pour it over hot surfaces (hot stones) in order to promote healing vaporization. You can also use a ladle to pour water on your head and body to temporarily reduce the effects of heat. Those. this is an important element of the procedure, without which it is simply impossible to do!

And since those who like to take a steam bath usually visit a bath or sauna once a week or 2 times a month, special attention is paid to each item that they use. This is especially true for those who are attentive to their status and cannot afford low-quality things.

All products presented in this section of the catalog:

  • individual and unique steel bucket, because each ladle is the result of painstaking manual work of the master;
  • equipped with a handle made of natural wood, and therefore, due to the low thermal conductivity of wood, they do not burn their palms even at high ambient temperatures;
  • despite the fact that they have an absolutely medieval design, they have handles that are made taking into account the latest research in the field of ergonomics, and therefore are conveniently located in the palm of your hand, for safety reasons they are equipped with a lanyard, which, even if the scoop slips out of your hand, will prevent it from falling on your leg or hitting a neighbor!