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Bronze anniversary gifts: how to surprise your soulmate

For 8 years spent together, the couple has time to go through many different tests. Issues with housing are being resolved, they raise kids together, each of the spouses manages to achieve results in the professional sphere.

Also, a lot is changing psychologically: the grinding stage has long been completed - the main discontent, claims, and inconsistencies have been settled.

It is believed that on the 8th year of the wedding, family relations are renewed. This is what the new sparkling tin should symbolize. Still, tin is a kind of thick material and in some cases, you cannot create what you want, people are using bronze as the main symbol of this anniversary.

This holiday has several symbols:

  • The most obvious one has to do with the number itself - the eight. If you turn it over, you get an infinity sign, which symbolizes the endless love of the spouses.
  • Bronze. Previously, it was a more precious metal, from which dishes, tools, and much more were made.
  • The third symbol of the eighth anniversary is the poppy. Our ancestors believed that it is a flower of love, luck, and prosperity. The anniversary is called “poppy” because it was during this period that the spouses “plant the seeds of their feelings,” that is, they acquire kids, property and have already tested their love for strength.

The 8-year anniversary bronze gift for him

Finding a gift for your husband for 8 years of marriage is not so difficult. The main thing is to devote time to this and show your imagination. It is important that the present for the anniversary is somehow special, so traditional mugs or socks are unlikely not work.

If you want to keep the tradition, then look for products from the appropriate metal. For example, some craftsmen make handmade organizers or candlesticks from ordinary cans.

Below we gathered all possible personalized bronze anniversary gifts:

  • a rare bottle of alcohol in a bronze bottle holder - you can choose cognac, rum, or whiskey;
  • beautifully decorated basket of craft beers of different varieties in cans. Do not forget about the number of cans: it is desirable that there are eight of them - this way you will kill two birds with one stone;
  • bronze hammer;
  • coffee Turk which made from thematic metal;
  • bronze statuette;
  • cigar set in a bronze package.

Of course, such gifts are not suitable for men who lead a healthy lifestyle. When choosing a presentation, be guided by what your spouse loves and what he likes the most.

The 8-year anniversary bronze gift for her

Women themselves often hint what they want to get on this or that celebration. Still, if you did not notice any hints, you will have to act by yourself. Many husbands are lost and do not know what to present to their wives on the eighth anniversary. Nevertheless, the choice of gifts is simply huge - it is only important to decide on the most suitable option.

You can give your wife something from this list of unique bronze anniversary gifts:

  • sets of dishes;
  • keychain, and to make the product more romantic, it is better to put there a joint photo or declaration of love;
  • a jewelry box is a no less useful thing. It is desirable that there are sections in it - so the decorations will not get mix;
  • a horseshoe of wishes is a metal product that will bring happiness and good luck to your home. Do not forget to remind you that you need to hang it with "horns" up - this is how happiness will always be in the family;
  • home and garden accessories - small figurines, a beautiful vase, or wall clock. The choice, in fact, is simply huge, but try to give really useful gifts.

What to give kids as 8th wedding anniversary gifts

If you are the luckiest parents of a happily married couple. What kind of bronze gifts for 8th year anniversary are suitable? How to please and surprise them? It is no secret that the most important thing for any parents is that their children are happy with life and happy in relationships. 

And, of course, we would like to contribute to their friendly family in the form of a present. For an 8th anniversary wedding, you should give everything that is associated with bronze. These can be decorative elements such as:

  • umbrella holders;
  • bronze bottle holder - it's a more suitable bronze anniversary gifts for men;
  • stylish statuette;
  • a lamp which is made from bronze;
  • candlesticks.

What should you present as a bronze wedding anniversary gifts you already know, now your task is to celebrate the 8th-anniversary wedding in such an unusual and interesting way that you will remember it right up to the diamond one!  Our store gladly will help you to choose the proper one. If you doubt or you need some help with choosing - just text us via the “chat with us” button or via email. Also, note that due to COVID-19 regulation we have some changes in shipment terms.