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Bronze gift: how to choose and when to gift

Everyone has friends, relatives, work colleagues and a bunch of people who need to choose and give presents from time to time: for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, housewarming and other equally important occasions. Just like you, your loved ones buy surprises for you, and they are not always useful and desirable.

Bronze products are distinguished by their aesthetics, hardness, and impact resistance. They are not afraid of corrosion! Bird figurines can be used as a talisman or totem. Animal figurines are a powerful protective amulet that is popular in feng shui. Our website presented for sale the best exclusive collections of decorative bronze accessories.

Advantages of such items on the surface of things: neatly handcrafted, the raw material (copper-tin alloy), as well as the original meaning of the symbolism. The prices and terms are pleased. Our managers will help you to choose the best bronze gifts for men or women. Also, we know how it’s important to choose the best solution and sometimes you need more time to make decisions: for this case, you can read the customer reviews below and take your time for thinking before order.

In our store, you can always buy bronze souvenirs as a gift for any occasion at a fair price.

The bronze personalized gifts in interior

The catalog contains a good selection of creative presents that are preferable to hand over to friends, relatives, colleagues for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, New Year's, or Christmas.

Custom bronze gifts will look fabulous in the interior, emphasizing the right accent in lighting or furnishings decorated with a mantel clock.

There is a noticeable contrasting difference between the two collections:

  • painted with bright colors, candy bowls, and fruit bowls in a marine style,
  • home decor elements in the online store, decorated with floral ornaments and curls with traditional motives of Italian design.

Some bronze models are suitable for a housewarming or wedding. For example, decorative and serving dishes are made by hand in a designer style.

The great solution for ladies and men

What is remarkable, due to such a gift made of bronze, it is easy to show an excellent attitude towards a person, emphasizing though a present his character and temperament. 

For example, figurines depicting:

  • knight;
  • a running horse;
  • huntsman.

For people who treat the historical heritage with special reverence, other figurines will become wonderful unique bronze gifts.

Moreover, such a present can be presented to a lady. Young ladies will like refined, stylish, elegant gizmos made of this noble metal.

The original figurines, presented as gifts from bronze, are made with filigree and skill. You can order bronze presents for her in the format:

  • mystic forest nymph;
  • coffee pots and Turks;
  • graceful panther etc.

The wedding 22 years of marriage: bronze gifts for husband and wife

The family that came to the bronze wedding is a stable institution of the family, in which they know how to smooth out the corners of family life, step over their ego, reconcile and support at the right time.

They say that 2 is a mystical number, mysticism squared, a reason for romantic and magical congratulations.

Often a bronze anniversary compared with the period of the Bronze Age, which was presented with new knowledge, social progress. And family relations undergo global changes by the age of 22. This is the ability to adapt, and the harmony of relationships, sensuality, affection, respect, and devotion to the family and husband/wife.

From historical times the best gift a bronze marriage was considered an object made from the same metal. It is recommended to focus on bronze because its magical properties will further unite and strengthen family ties. We must try to find a proper bronze present for him and her which will be suitable for both bronze heroes of the day. Below we try to collect the most common idea for presents.

Bronze gifts for him for his wedding anniversary

Bronze ashtrays and cigarette cases. These items are always in trend and can please any man, with any temperament and character. The present is not cheap and a smoking spouse will appreciate it very highly. 

Bronze lighter and cover in a similar color scheme. The originality of the gift is that the lighter has a very status-like appearance, and the cover will help preserve its beauty for a long time.

Gift Art Nouveau - the frame made of bronze. The gift is more family-wise present because a picture of the whole family, children, a wedding picture or two (it was and has become in 22 years) and much more can be inserted into the frame.

The talisman of family and love "Frog". A bronze souvenir, as a universal gift that you can leave at home and put on your desk, will direct your thoughts to the family and always remind you about your soulmate. In some religions frogs also symbolize money and richness - some people believe that if you pet its belly soon you will have a huge business success or have a job promotion.

Bronze gifts for her for wedding anniversary

Choosing an anniversary gift for a wife is a more complicated process because it is quite difficult to surprise a woman. In this case, it is better to find out in advance what she would like to receive on such a significant wedding anniversary.

Below we collect the most popular bronze gift for wife:

  • It is necessary to take into account the fact that women are very adored of small but precious gifts: figurines, mascots, beautiful trinkets.
  • Bronze candlesticks and candelabra, both for the living room and for the bathroom and bedroom;
  • Bronze stylized mirrors. A fashionista will definitely appreciate such a present;
  • Bronze cups, flower pots, pots, etc. the fashionable mistress of the house will attach these items to their intended purpose;
  • Bronze jewelry looks very stylish and fashionable. A woman who is in trend will highly appreciate this surprise.

Also, you can always think more globally and choose bronze presents for her such as bronze dinnerware or interior items - a wine set, a bronze teapot, table, or grand-father clock.

What to give parents for the 22nd bronze wedding anniversary?

Our main specialization is handcrafted presents from bronze, copper, iron, and metal. If you are looking for a great present for your parents for the 22nd wedding anniversary you are in the right place. We have worked in the market since 2017. We know that parents play a significant role in our lives and you want that everything went perfectly on such an important day.

Gift ideas for relatives or parents can be ordinary, as well as stylized in bronze - a symbol of the 22nd anniversary of life together. There are many cool bronze gifts for home interiors.

Of course, parents expect at least symbolic gifts from their daughter or son on the occasion of the anniversary. They will be pleased that the kids remember the significant date and have prepared for it in advance.

You can prepare a memorable gift for your parents. For example, a great present for a bronze wedding is a family tree. The same present would be appropriate to give to children for 22 years of the wedding.

Other bronze gift items are also relevant. Couples are often presented with a statuette made of this metal. For example, a couple of swans. These birds are not only associated with marital loyalty, but also with the number 22 by itself.

Customized bronze medals can be ordered as an addition to the main present. Wish parents to collect a complete set of "awards" and celebrate silver and gold anniversaries together.

Long story short, when you buy products on our website, you do not have to worry about their quality. It will certainly last for many years.

Products made of bronze look incredibly impressive, luxurious, and expensive, thanks to their attractive shine and unique warm color. They boggle the imagination and are remembered for a long time.