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Metal wine rack bottle holder

In the modern progressive world, every detail matters and carries some meaning, especially when it comes to home furnishings.

True fans of wine respect its storage: after all, this noble drink is picky about the conditions in which it is stored. At the same time, bronze wine racks with collections of vintage wines and their colorful labels can decorate the interior by themselves. 

Now racks for storing wine in bottles are becoming an element of the culture of alcohol consumption and a full-fledged piece of furniture. In our store, you can buy racks for storing wine following the size of your wine collection and in complete harmony with the interior decoration.

The usual, standard cabinet furniture, which was accumulated by almost everyone, and the existence of which in the house was obligatory, because this testified to the status of the family, is being replaced by modern, original in their configuration stands, racks, and holders.

Now you can forget about them and save space in your home, and even more so in your apartment, by deciding to buy a wonderful, modern metal tabletop wine rack for bottles. It is lightweight, sleek, does not take up much space, and is multifunctional.

It is important that a black metal wine rack can serve you not only as furniture but also as household items. They can be safely used for stylish, constructive interior zoning.

Such metal wine holders combine centuries-old traditions with modern style. It is an excellent indispensable wine bottle holder and ensures safe and comfortable storage. After all, even the very fact that since ancient times wine should traditionally be stored in wooden barrels testifies to the necessity and importance of purchasing a stand made of natural materials, such as wood or metal.

Bronze wine rack: why is storage so important?

Wine is a drink obtained as a result of a complex technology; it does not contain artificial preservatives and taste stabilizers. For the wine to really please you and your guests, you should remember the rules for its storage. Do not neglect them - this can lead to the fact that the wine loses its sophistication or even deteriorates.

The sun's rays negatively affect the state of the wine. This means that if you decide to put bottle holders in the kitchen or living room, it is better to choose the darkest corner. If this condition is difficult to comply with: such a solution will hide the bottles from the sun.

Owners of a wine rack with a collection of branded drinks should take into account the temperature suitable for the long-term storage of wine. To slow down the aging process of wine, the temperature in the place where the wine racks are located should be temperature ideally around 12 ° C.

However, you can provide even more effective protection from destructive sun rays: solid wine racks made of iron with openwork doors that will allow air to pass through but will create limited access to light.

When the technological process for the production of wine is completed and the drink is poured into glass bottles, it is necessary to ensure their tightness.

Such is an elegant and functional accessory essential for festive events. A high-quality bottle of wine should be held at the correct angle. In this position, the drink will evenly reveal its taste. The tilt of all bottle holders is designed for a 30-40 degree incline, which is in line with accepted standards.

The wrought iron wine bottle holder will perfectly fulfill the function of a bar in your home and provide the most correct way to store bottles with wines. After all, it is in such racks for wine that the bottle is placed horizontally. And everyone knows that wine should be stored only in a horizontal position so that the bottle cork is in constant contact with the drinks themselves.

The preservation of its taste and aroma of the drink for a long time depends on this. And the iron material from which the wine stand is made will protect the bottles from scratches. Thanks to its mobility and functionality, the copper wine holder is also perfect for country houses.

It is also important to take care of the optimal level of humidity in the room where the wine rack is installed: it should be about 70%. Dryer air will dry out the cork, as a result of which, as we already know, the tightness of the container may be ruined. It is also undesirable to install holders for storing wine in a damp room: with excessive humidity, the cork will swell or even become moldy. However, if the bottle is sealed with a moisture-insensitive plastic stopper, this indicator can be neglected.

A wrought iron wine rack that will surprise your guests with an exquisite wine presentation

The metal art bottle holder is an excellent interior solution, a unique and atmospheric attribute of home comfort. Such a souvenir will be an excellent purchase for a gift to a friend, chef, work colleague, or just a wine connoisseur.

The metal art wine bottle holder is characterized by the convenience and stability of its construction. It is a 100% modern, stylish, surprisingly practical, and original piece of your home. If you value your space, you should definitely purchase such a wine-holder that will become not only a useful thing in your life but also a stylish decor for your home.

It should be noted that the price of a metal bottle rack, in contrast to the price of standard cabinet furniture, is much more democratic. And this is very important for the buyer.

It is worth noting that a metal rack for wine bottles is perfect not only for a home interior but also for a restaurant one, located in the plane of the bar counters. After all, it combines all the practical and aesthetic requirements for restaurant accessories.

A wine stand made of bronze or iron is also a confirmation of your wealth and good taste. Such a creative way of storing wine bottles will not leave anyone indifferent.

So, you just need to get this irreplaceable holder, because a metal stand for bottles is exactly what will refresh, restore the interior of your home and make your room even more fabulous and elegant.

Choosing a copper or iron wine bottle holder as a gift for a wine lover

It will always be a pleasure for a wine collector to receive a gift from his area of interest. You can choose sets for wine on a solemn occasion and for a holiday:

  • birthday;
  • anniversary;
  • February 14;
  • Thanksgiving;
  • New Year.

The elegance of the iron wine bottle holder fills the festive table with harmonious beauty. The decorative luxury of our wine holder’s design is made with meticulous accuracy. All elements are handcrafted from a tin-based metal alloy. We hand-painted every detail of the holder if necessary. If you want we also can add multi-layered enamel that conveys a luxurious palette. A spectacular decoration for an interior and a festive setting will set the tone for the general mood.

If you adore the festive receptions, and it has become a habit to honor guests generously. Now is the time to raise the status of your reception and effectively present a good bottle of wine in our special bronze wine rack.

If you want to show respect to the owner of the house you should buy the metal art wine bottle holders.