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Metal ashtray: arts & crafts movement

Some of you think that the ashtray is an item that is intended solely for the purpose of supporting the smoking process. If you get acquainted with our products we can assure you that our ashtray is a masterpiece. Of course, no one has canceled the main responsibilities of them: it still serves as a receptacle for collecting ash and cigarette filters. Moreover, it is stylish and trouble-free. But at the same time, the faithful companion of lovers to lift is able to offer something more. In our case, we can offer you more than regular ashtrays, our craftsman can create almost everything from different custom metal ashtrays. 

You can easily be convinced of the limitless possibilities of ashtrays by surfing through the counters of an online-store. And so that the pastime on the pages of our virtual trading resource was as productive and rational as possible, we have prepared for you a kind of guidebook that will help you navigate the inexhaustible variety of containers for improving the smoking process.

Of course, you can read the guidelines and custom reviews, making your own pros and cons lists, but come on we know that in this area we can fulfill your request fully.

Varieties of ashtrays

First of all, ashtrays differ in purpose. In addition, they are used for regular cigarettes, there are models designed exclusively for cigars and tobacco pipes. Cigar ashtrays are characterized by wide recesses along the edge or by a horizontal chute.

This design allows you to put aside the cigar for a while if circumstances require it or if you do not want to keep it in your hand all the time. Tobacco pipe ashtrays have a built-in rounded cork. It is needed in order to remove the remaining tobacco and ash from the pipe without damaging the expensive smoking specimen.

The design of ashtrays can be varied: from trivial, without any bells and whistles, and ending with a complex one, with all sorts of additional details. For example, a metal ashtray with a lid prevents odors from spreading throughout the room. If you prefer to smoke outside you should use the special metal outdoor ashtray - it is made from durable material and weather can not damage it. If you looking for something extraordinary take a look at the forged ashtray - such a method opens up almost unlimited scope for creativity for the master and highlights the special status of its owner

Material of ashtray

First of all, let's find out what materials are used to make durable ashtrays. Here, to guess, you do not need to have special deductive skills. Obviously, these materials aren’t scared of contact with high temperatures and open flames. 

We work with such materials as:

  • copper;
  • steel;
  • metal;
  • iron.

By the way, wood, which is not a fireproof material, is also used in the creation of ashtrays. It is often used in combination with metal or glass, or it is processed in a special way. If you have a specific idea you can tell us and we can discuss everything.

Copper ashtray

Cooper ashtrays have a nice warm yellow color, from the first sign it looks like rose gold, but in reality, gold is too soft a material for such accessorize. However, in our catalog, you can find a lot of coopers ashtrays. They are durable, stylish, and look fancy. Here you can find inexpensive high-quality purchases for any wallet.

Metal ashtray & iron ashtray are the same

Both, iron steel ashtray and metal ashtrays have an original design, it is not just an accessory for shaking off ashes and extinguishing cigarette filters, but also a stylish attribute in the interior of the house. A beautiful ashtray can decorate a table no less than an elegant vase with flowers.

Such a product will serve as an elegant decoration in the house of those who love to smoke and will be a good gift for smokers for any occasion.

Every ashtray no matter iron or metal will have:

  • the cigarette holders;
  • unique design;
  • custom engraving - you can choose the sketch or give us a hint and we will do it.

Please note! The metal or iron ashtrays cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

It is obvious that an ashtray is a necessary item in the household. Ashtrays - the goods are not very rare, but if you want something really interesting and functional, then visit our online shop.