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Artistic forging is the manufacture of refined products by hot or cold working of various metals and their alloys. Such objects look well detailed, more like jewelry work than simple craftsmanship performed with a hammer, flame and anvil. Artistic forging is used not only to create external architectural elements of a building, such as railings, window bars or gates, but also for more interesting paraphernalia, which in itself is of high value, as it was made by the hands of a master and, most likely, according to an individual sketch. , exactly no longer repeatable by other creators. That is why forged accessories in the house are usually found in aristocratic mansions or expensive city apartments.

Forged garden furniture - features of choice and care of metal animals

If you are a happy owner of a garden plot or a private house, then you probably like to relax in nature, in the garden or near the house. In order to make your stay more comfortable, we recommend paying attention to furniture with forging elements. This type of garden furniture is becoming more and more popular. Let's see why.

What should you pay attention to when choosing an animal decor such as wrought iron animals?

Forged furniture elements go well with wooden ones.
If you opted for wrought iron furniture, you need to consider some points:
  • it is best that the legs have flat bearings, which will prevent deformation and scratches of the flooring on the veranda or terrace;
  • consider the weight of the product - the material for forged furniture is most often steel, so the weight will be significant. However, under the conditions of using the structure in the garden, this is not decisive. Especially if the product will stand still and will not have to be moved from place to place;
  • it is not recommended to use cleaners with abrasive particles when cleaning furniture, as this will lead to the formation of micro-scratches, and over time to the appearance of rust and for a more aesthetic appearance, furniture with forged elements can be varnished, but it must be taken into account that such a coating from temperature changes, when used outdoors, may crack. Therefore, lacquered metal furniture is best installed under a canopy, in a garden gazebo or on a veranda.
Often forged furniture is made in combination with other materials, such as wood, leather, rattan or fabric. In this case, when leaving, you need to take into account the features and specifics of the general care for such products. Author's forged products in the interior are rich, exotic and grandiose. Despite their metal composition, from which it is not so easy to create the desired ornament with the help of deft blacksmithing, they can be not only rough and monumental, as in bygone times, but also refined, practical jewelry works of art, distinguished by their elegance, solidity and texture eccentricity. By purchasing elegant and original wrought iron furniture, you will make your home elegant, and your garden with a forged animal original and unlike others!